Frederick Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids Michigan has a very special Children’s Garden. Admission is included with your daily ticket or membership ticket. At over 5 acres, it is one of the largest Children’s Gardens in the nation. This is a magical place for children of all ages, even the entrance is designed with children in mind: right beside the large entance is a mouse hole arched entrance with a gate. All of the Children’s Garden is wheelchair accessible, even Tree House Village.

frederick meijer childrens garden

We try to take our grandson, Jeffy, whenever he comes to visit. Come take a quick photo tour with us of the Children’s Garden.

The Children’s Garden has 10 Different Areas to Explore: frederick meijer childrens garden

  • Kids Sense Garden
  • Great lakes Garden
  • Story-Telling Garden
  • Wooded Wetlands
  • Rock Quarry
  • Log Cabin
  • Tree House Village
  • Sculpture Walk
  • Labyrinth
  • Butterfly Maze

One of the the most fun places for Jeffy was the Great Lakes Garden because it involved WATER, LOTS OF WATER. He spent a lot of time floating his boat around the Great Lakes!

frederick meijer childrens garden

The Kids Sense Garden was lots of fun, with plants to see, touch, smell, and taste. Even plants with funny names or appearances are included. The Log Cabin was a great place to explore our ancestors way of living but on a much smaller scale. Tree House Village is a large interconnected tree houses with lots of places to spy nature and its inhabitants. Jeffy especially liked the rope bridge, which he could get to swaying. He spent quite a while in the Rock Quarry, excavating for treasure, or maybe just because he liked to operate the shovel.

frederick meijer childrens garden

After the Sculpture Walk, Labyrinth, and Butterfly maze, we made our way back to the Horse Sculpture before calling it a day.frederick meijer childrens garden Jeffy wanted to pose for this shot.

*There are PALS -Play Activity Leaders -through out the Children’s

Garden to make the experience a little more fun and hands on. They might have boats, shovels, puppets, and other activities to make it a more educational or enjoyable day.

On one visit they had a clay station set up for the children to make their own animal sculptures.

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