Most of us have neighbors. You know, those folks who make your neighborhood a great place to live.  They wave at you when you are walking the dog or driving by.

neighborhoodThey keep their house in good repair.

 They paint the siding when it needs it.

 They put on a new roof before the old one gets so bad, the roof leaks. 

 They keep their lawn mowed.

They rake their leaves before winter snows bury them or before they all blow over to your yard.

They offer to watch your dog if you go out of town for a few days. 


 If you have really good neighbors, they shovel your snowy walk if you have the flu.painted houses

They walk their dog with their doggie bag

They agree to cook your turkey if  your stove dies the night before Thanksgiving and you are hosting your horde of  relatives.  

 Their daughter will babysit on short notice and New Year’s Eve!

They hold the flashlight for you when you get to gabbing and forget to mow the lawn until after dark.  

 They don’t get angry when your son gets his first bow and arrow set and shoots them in the leg (by accident).  

Most of us have neighbors.  Neighbors make your neighborhood a great place to live.     



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