We saw our first robin yesterday – sure sign spring is here!!

If you live in Grand Rapids MI, you know that the robins return

signals spring.  We have had a cold and snowy winter this year and

are especially glad to see our first one this year.

Robins bring the message of spring in person every year!

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I always marvel at their early arrival ~ They are the first birds to nest in the spring and

hatch their first babies in April. A pair of robins will raise 2-3 batches of young every summer

season, selecting and building a new nest every time. They ignore the weather, our soil is still

frozen in spots, so not much worm activity yet. They are also the State Bird of Michigan.

Probably selected for the forementioned reasons.robin gr mi real estate


Much like the robins, we also get the urge to move

 and make a new start in the spring.


Are you thinking of getting a home with more room?

Do you need a bigger garage or basement?

Do your children need more space to play??

Whatever the reason, now is a great time to move up and get the home of your dreams.

Don’t believe what  the media has been touting ad nauseum.   People are getting their house ready

to sell, selling them and moving every day.

Just like the robins, we can find a new home this spring, too.

robins photos from wikipedia-American robin

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