If you are interested in doing something different for this coming 4th of July celebration, we have a New Approach to a musical festival for you here in West Michigan.  In tiny Rothbury,  they are making music history and tying it in a big green ribbon.  Do you remember Woodstock?  It will have similar music offerings, over 100 bands, artists, and acts, featuring The Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, 311, Modest Mouse, Snoop Dogg, and Widespread Panic to name a few, but will have a green sustainable focus.

                  widespread panic band                              dave matthews Band   

The promoters are centering the Festival at  the Double JJ Ranch & Golf Resort, which is on the shores of Lake Michigan just north of  Shelby.   The Double JJ Ranch offers lakes, beach fronts, trails, forests, fields, and even onsite lodging, bars, and restaurants.

This is no ordinary Music Festival, they also plan on having:

An onsite Think Tank with innovative leaders in the Green movement in a round table discussion to plan and pursue saving our environment.

A Circus & Theatre where the show comes off the stage and engages more than a few of your senses – the run-in with a busker, a formal affair in the lounge of The Establishment, an unexpected aerial performance in the tree tops…

 An Energy Fair: Visit the Energy Fair to enjoy a flurry of scheduled and surprise activities, test drive some new wheels with bleeding edge new technology, plus food and drink, vending, performances, presentations, contests and interactive opportunities, and so much more. 

 A New World Cabaret Experience: ROTHBURY’s bold and bawdy spot to get your fix of vaudeville croquet and smart, eclectic entertainment in a bizarre artisto-twistic atmosphere. Scheduling is still being confirmed. 

The Tripolee Dome: with a chill out bar and lounge, yoga instructions, Earth harp classes, and more.

Also including: E Town, Yoga Program, and The Big Gig Open Mic Stage:

Summer will be here soon, this sounds like an event you won’t want to miss, if I can get Terry off the golf course for one weekend we might have a

Rothbury Experience.”


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