We recently had the good fortune to visit Glen Lake Michigan for a short visit

with friends at their cottage.  Glen Lake is just a sand dune behind Sleeping

Bear Dunes on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan near the

Leelanau Peninsula  north west of Traverse City.  

On one of our sight seeing, ice cream  or lake shore seeking drives, 

 we came across this novel home being built.  It appears to be a

home and studio or small shop. This area is home to many artists, retirees,

and summer homes of the very well-to-do.

The little round house may just be a little place to get away from…………..

you fill in the blank?

Round house at Glen Lake MI

Round house at Glen Lake MI



We thought we would take a pic and share with all of you. A round house

isn’t the average home being built today. There was some questions about

how it would appraise. We aren’t sure but thought it an intriguing design.

We’ll take a follow up picture of the completed home, if we are fortunate

enough to get up this way again.

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Photo by Bonnie Westbrook