We are very fortunate to live in a community with a fabulous public school

system.  One of its more popular assets is the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center. 

 This venue hosts Broadway Shows, a Gallery for local artists, High School

 Musicals, Grand Rapids Symphony, Grand Rapids Ballet Events, and other

local school shows. 

We are new volunteers at the Fine Arts Center and have learned a

lot about its background and what keeps it running.

Forest Hills Fine Arts Center Ada MI

Forest Hills Fine Arts Center Ada MI

A list of over 300 volunteers are unpaid staff that help host all the shows.

Even though this wonderful building is part of the Forest Hills Public School

System, it is expected to operate at a profit.  The only way to do this is

keep a small staff and have community volunteers man the events.  This

keeps the cost of shows at a level where it is affordable and gives us a

wonderful building to host our local artistic events. 


 This is the Fine Arts Centers Fifth Season Subscription Series:

Clint Black                                 Sept 21

Michael McDonald                   October 24

Three Dog Night                      November 7

Movin’ Out                                December 7

Golden Dragon Acrobats      February 3

Phoebe Snow                           March 1

We just went to our first volunteer event a few weeks ago, Forest Hills

Central High School’s Bandtasia.  Forest Hills Central’s marching

band puts on this show for the local community to strut their stuff.  We

thoroughly enjoyed their performance.

We made a short video of some highlights, if you would like to take a look

at our excellent community arts resource- The Fine Arts Center:


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photo of Forest Hills Fine Arts Center by Bonnie Westbrook