PBS’s popular TV show, Antiques Roadshow, will highlight  Grand Rapids

Michigan in April.  The 2 Grand Rapids shows were filmed last summer

in August 2008.

Local airings are scheduled for Monday, April 20th & April 27th, at 8 pm,

but check your local listings for more accurate information for your area.

Van Andel Museum

We are anxious to see what the Roadshow has selected for our Grand Rapids

area, though I think we will see people from all over the state and bordering

states, not just Grand Rapidians bringing their treasures in for evaluation.

Since Grand Rapids was known as "furniture city" during the second half

of the 19th century, it will be fascinating to see what is highlighted.

The big names in fine furniture: Baker, Knapp & Tubbs, Kindel, John

Widdicomb,  and Mastercraft were all based here in the city of Grand

Rapids.   Sadly, only Kindel Furniture Company still remains in our city

producing fine furniture.  The others have relocated to North Carolina

or have gone out of business.  We are now known for making office

furniture here in West Michigan.

If you are interested in the Grand Rapids furniture industry, there

is a detailed  exhibit at the Van Andel Museum that will walk you

through, from the start in the 1850’s to the furniture produced today.

Berkey & Gaye Secretary 002

This is a photo of the Berkey & Gaye Secretary circa 1865 that

we entered into the Roadshow furniture lottery.  Antique Roadshow

didn’t think our antique secretary was  rare enough to feature on

their broadcast.   I am showing it here to give you an idea of the

craftmanship that was produced  in Grand Rapids furniture factories

1850’s to the late 1980’s.


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