We have gathered a list of the top East Grand Rapids Houses to buy

based on price per square foot. Please note that this list can change daily

as some homes sell, prices are adjusted and other homes come on the

market. Check back often or just subscribe to our blog to get up-to-date

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East Grand Rapids homes for sale

The total square footage is noted here, although only the main floors are

used to figure price per square foot.

April 2009 BEST BUY East Grand Rapids Homes

Lowest price/Sq Ft range from $63.55 to $95.02

Highest List Price -  $389,900

Lowest List Price -  $ 139,900

The Top East GR Homes to Buy by Price per Square Foot:

2218 Lake Dr.              $139,900    1900 Sq Ft  $87.88/SqFt

944 Breton Rd SE        $144,900    1646 Sq Ft  $88.03/SqFt

2946 Cascade Road    $144,900    2280 Sq Ft   $63.55/SqFt

1635 Breton Rd SE      $149,900    2300 Sq Ft   $78.89/SqFt

2610 Richards Dr         $ 153,000   1716 Sq Ft   $89.16/SqFt


2326 Brighton Dr         $159,000    2100 Sq Ft    $83.68/SqFt

1638 Wealthy St SE      $169,900   2400 Sq Ft    $80.90/SqFt

2101 Lake Dr SE          $179,900   1976 Sq Ft    $91.04/SqFt

2150 Anderson Dr SE   $209,900   3322 Sq Ft    $75.61/SqFt

1080 Idema Dr SE        $239,900   4746 Sq Ft    $71.36/SqFt


1341 Cornell Dr SE       $269,900   3820 Sq Ft    $77.78/SqFt

2470 Lake Dr SE          $279,950   3143 Sq Ft    $89.07/SqFt

3047 Cascade Rd        $159,900    1726 Sq Ft   $92.64/SqFt

244 Morningside Dr     $184,900    1946 Sq Ft   $95.02/SqFt

2131 Robinson Road   $389,900    4300 Sq Ft   $90.67/SqFt


Note: The bargains appear to be getting more expensive and there

are fewer of them each month here in East Grand Rapids. No homes

under $100K are listed this month.  If you have been waiting for the

right time to buy, don’t wait much longer.  We are starting

to see signs of the dropping home prices seriously slowing in certain

desirable areas, like East Grand Rapids and Forest Hills.



*Some of these homes may be bank owned foreclosures and not habitable

as is or available for a mortgage in present condition.*

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