I assume we are all trying to do our best at saving the environment and

doing our small part in protecting our planet, but sometimes the obvious

is overlooked. 

I am a bibliophile (a.k.a. book-aholic) I love books. I collect books,

I read books. Books area large part of my life.  Do I buy books? Yes,

but I usually do the “green “ thing and borrow the latest best seller

from my local library.


CascadeTownship Public Library

Once I have read a novel, I usually don’t reread it.  So why waste the

paper, trees, and space to own books for a short period of time.

This has never made sense to me when I could go to the public

library and request anything I could desire to read.  I go online in

my jammies and when my requested book comes into my local branch,

they notify me!

Your local public library also has movies on DVDs and  books on CD’s

and books on tape.  All for free.  And by using your local library, you

are making a small effort to improve the environment.


So do the “green thing”  with your reading. Visit your local library.


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Cascade Township Public Library Photo by Bonnie Westbrook