What’s the Impact of Paying Bills Online? : TreeHugger has a great article

that shows exactly how much energy you can save and how it will affect

your local environment.  Gone are the days when we can say, “ Oh,

my little contribution doesn’t matter in the overview of environmental

change. Each of us has an impact and we can each change our world

one bill-day at a time.

I went to the Payitgreen.org site and used their green calculator to

see how much I am saving by going online to pay my bills.

In one year, I will save 7# of paper, 65 gallons of water, 3.3 gallons

of gasoline, and 146# of greenhouse gases.  WOW!!  This amount of

greenhouse gases is equivalent to 144 miles not driven in my car, 2 trees

planted( and grown for 10 years), & 20 square feet of forest preserved

from deforestation.

I had no idea my little effort would make such a dent in our environment.

I’ve paid most of my bills online for quite a while. Won’t you join the

online gang and make your effort at greening our environment a little

bit better?


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