We have gathered a list of the Best Forest Hills Houses

( primarily in Ada-Cascade) to buy, based on price per

square foot.

Please note: This list can change daily as some homes sell,

prices are adjusted and other homes come on the market.

The homes listed below are probably dated and would need

updating with new carpeting, paint, and kitchen- bath redos

at a minimum to bring them to current market standards.

They might need major repair work done, such as new roofs

& mechanicals.

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up-to-date local real estate information that you want to know.

top best buys in forest hills mi homes for sale

The total square footage is noted here, although only the

main floors are used to figure price per square foot, not the

basement, even if finished.

The list this month is 14 properties, same as last month.

The lowest price/Sq Ft for homes range from $57.90 to $73.78

here in Forest Hills.

The lowest list price is $57,900 and the highest list price is

$236,537 for May 2009 homes in Forest Hills School District.

This list could include properties in Ada Township, Cascade

Township, Grand Rapids Township, Lowell Township, and the

city of Kentwood.

Some of these homes may be bank owned foreclosures and

not habitable as is or available for a mortgage in present condition

The Top Forest Hills Homes to Buy by Price per Square Foot:


8195 45th St SE                $134,500     2193 SqFt   $61.33/SqFt

4198 Knapp Ct NE             $ 57,900     1200 SqFt   $57.90/SqFt

6600 Cascade Rd              $104,900    1788 SqFt   $58.67/SqFt

6461 Cascade Rd SE         $139,900    2023 SqFt   $69.15/SqFt

378 Pettis Ave SE              $ 79,900    1300 Sq Ft   $61.46/SqFt


2049 Rowland #4             $ 69,900     1150 SqFt    $60.78/SqFt

1417 Grand River Dr          $ 89,900    1248 Sq Ft   $72.04/SqFt

5505 Whitneyville SE         $104,900  1536 Sq Ft   $68.29/SqFt

3150 Hayward Dr SE         $189,900   2574 Sq Ft   $73.78/SqFt

6948 Maplecrest Dr           $194,900   3200 Sq Ft   $72.72/SqFt


3413 Dean Lake NE         $ 79,900     1626 SqFt    $60.26/SqFt

5610 Ada Drive SE            $159,000  2437 Sq Ft    $65.24/SqFt

6250 Architrave St           $ 99,998   1814 Sq Ft    $73.74/SqFt

4271 Woodside Oaks Ct    $236,537  3453 Sq Ft   $68.50/SqFt


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