Newsweek makes its determination by ranking according to a ration devised by Jay Mathews: the number of Advanced Placement, Intl. Baccalaureate and/or Cambridge Tests taken by all students at a school in 2008 divided by the number  of graduating seniors. All of schools on the list have an index of at least 1.000; they are all in the top 6 percent of public schools measured this way.  (Most rankings just use AP)


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West Michigan schools that ranked are:

Black River High School (Holland) Rank # 464  – 4th time on the list

East Grand Rapids High School   Rank #1011 – 4th time on the list

Forest Hills Central High School   Rank # 1088 – 5th time on the list

Lowell High School                    Rank # 1271 – 4th Time on the list

Jenison High School                 Rank  # 1292 – 5th Time on the list

Mona Shores High School (Norton Shores) Rank # 1185 – 2nd time on the list


We all want our children to go to award-winning schools. These are the top

high schools in the area, by Newsweek ranking standards.  Where you have

top high schools, you have an educated workforce, and typically higher

real estate prices because people want to live where their children will get

a great education.


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