Tuesday was the first day of the Ada Farm Market at a new place,

Thornapple Community Church on Thornapple River Drive in downtown Ada. 

The Farm Market will run Tuesdays, 2-7 pm from now until the end of

September.  We took a video so you could see the market for yourself.


We found all kinds of goodies, freshly roasted coffee, chickens and other

meat available from local farmers.  Fresh strawberries, sweet cherries,

lettuce, Walla-Walla onions, radishes, and other great looking items. 

Some of the farmers will sell you a share in their crops.  You contribute

a set amount and they will deliver fresh produce to you every week all

summer!!  We might look into that if our gardening days are getting too


We came home with some freshly picked black raspberries and a

King Kong Coleus.

I will definitely be back next week for some of those Walla-Walla

onions and fresh eggs from free range chickens.



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