We have gathered a list of the top Rockford Houses to buy

based on price per square foot, one of the best ways to sort

through homes for values.

Please note: This list can change daily as some

homes sell, prices are  adjusted and other  homes come

on the market. The homes listed below are probably

dated and would need updating with new carpeting,

paint, and kitchen-bath redos at a minimum to bring

them to current market standards. They might need major

repair work done, such as new roofs & mechanicals.

*Some of these homes may be bank owned foreclosures and

not habitable as is or available for a mortgage in present condition.*

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rockford michigan top best homes for sale

The total square footage is noted here, although only the

main floors are used to figure price per square foot, even if

the basement is finished.

July 2009  27 Top BEST BUY Homes Rockford, Michigan.

The lowest list price is $ 27,500

The highest list price is $240,000

Lowest price/Sq Ft range from $30.69 to $74.96

The Top Rockford Homes to Buy by Price per Square Foot:

1656 10 Mile Rd NE        $ 27,500     896 Sq Ft    $30.69/SqFt

5035 Bear Ave               $114,900    1629 Sq Ft   $70.53/SqFt

6452 Bella Vista Dr NE    $114,900   1848 SqFt   $62.18/SqFt

4853 Cannonsburg Rd   $132,900   2550 Sq Ft   $65.73/SqFt

4351 Porter Hollow Dr    $134,900   2000 Sq Ft  $67.45/SqFt


6674 Echo Dr NE            $149,900   2387 Sq Ft   $62.80/SqFt

5134 Corchel Hls NE     $199,900    2696 Sq Ft   $74.15/SqFt

6304  Belding Rd NE     $129,900   2980 Sq Ft   $43.59/SqFt

8596 Sunny Hours Trl   $189,900   4454 Sq Ft   $67.97/SqFt

5645 Ramsdell Dr NE    $169,900   2300 Sq Ft   $73.87/SqFt


8050 10 Mile Rd NE      $ 73,500     1840 Sq Ft   $70.67/SqFt

485 West River Dr        $ 74,900     1330 Sq Ft   $56.32/SqFt

6480 Belmont Ave NE    $ 79,900     1773 Sq Ft  $45.06/SqFt

5693 Tiffany Ave NE     $240,000     3488 Sq Ft   $68.81/SqFt

7692 11 Mile Rd NE      $92,000       1983 Sq Ft   $46.39/SqFt


271 N Monroe St           $ 69,900    1510 Sq Ft   $46.29/SqFt

150 Northland Dr          $179,900    3100 SqFt   $66.63/SqFt

647 Highlander Dr NE   $199,320    3050 Sq Ft   $65.35/SqFt

6849 Blue Ridge Dr NE  $209,900    2800 Sq Ft   $74.96/SqFt

107 S Main St                $99,900      1530 Sq Ft   $73.95/SqFt


125 S Main St             $114,900       1688 Sq Ft   $68.07/SqFt

52 W Division St NE    $128,900       2500 Sq Ft   $71.61/SqFt

125 Prospect St          $129,900      2548 Sq Ft    $50.98/SqFt

6691 Boca Vista Dr      $ 69,900       960 Sq Ft     $72.81/SqFt

6731 Boca Vista Dr     $  69,900       960 Sq Ft     $70.61/SqFt


179 Hunter’s Lane      $ 54,900        851 Sq Ft    $64.51/SqFt

227 Hunter’s Lane      $ 69,900       1064 Sq Ft   $65.70/SqFt

8539 Courtland Dr      $ 74,900        1080 Sq Ft  $69.35/SqFt



There are still quite a few bargains to be had in the Rockford

area.   If you are thinking of buying in Rockford, now is the time

to be looking. The below appraisal priced homes are disappearing

from the market in some other areas of Grand Rapids.

Don’t overlook the $8000 tax credit for first time home buyers

or buyers who haven’t owned a home for the last 3 years.

This will be available for homes closed until November 30, 2009,

unless Congress extends it.  There is the possibility of using

the $8000 tax credit towards your down payment.

Contact me for details.


Rockford Michigan Real Estate Market June 2009

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