Six different schools in the Forest Hills Public School District are under

some kind of construction this summer. 

Every school site will receive different combinations of security cameras,

roof repair/ replacement, parking lot resurfacing, and energy

conservation/sustainability improvements (window replacement,

lighting and mechanical system upgrades).

See details at Forest Hills District News Site

Some photos of the Construction Sites:

Warning -  if you like hard hats, you will be in 7th heaven!

FHS ada Elem construction

Ada Elementary School

Piles o dirt Ada Elem FHS construction

Ada Elementary School

CMS construction

Central Middle School


FHS CMS construction pics

Central Middle School

FHC construction

Forest Hills Central High School

FHC parking lot redo

Forest Hills Central High School

FHC Frt Construction


School districts reflect the interest people have in their

community public education systems. Forest Hills Schools are

one of the best in our state in almost every category.  New

school updates are one of the ways we try to keep you informed

on what is happening in the Forest Hills District.


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