Judging, Classes, Entertainment = Family Fun

The Kent County Youth Fair is celebrating its 75th year at the Lowell

Fairgrounds.  I have fond memories of the County Fair from my youth

and 4-H days.  It is a lot more than cotton candy and carnival rides.

I really enjoy seeing all the animals and the exhibits that the kids work

so hard on all year.  Many times you will see sheep, pigs, horses, chickens

on display that are pampered  and well cared for.  It is a chance to see

what is popular on the farm and what might be showing up next at the

Farmer’s Market or on your table. 

Youth Fair sign 


Just the variety of animals can be overwhelming. The last time I went

to a fair, there must have been 50 different kinds of chickens. 

Who knew?  You kind of know this is true but seeing them in the

flesh and variety of feathers is something else again.


Each day brings its own special events, including free nightly

entertainment.  Don’t miss the Cow Pie Bingo!


Tuesday August 11th – The Pub Runners                        7:30 pm

Wednesday August 12thThe Jabs                               7:00 pm

Thursday August 13th – Patchwork & Black Canyon

                                      Bluegrass Band                        6:30-9:30 pm

Friday August 14th – Country Karaoke                          6:30-10:30 pm

Saturday August 15th – Blue Star Pilot & Guitar Hero    5:30-10:30 pm

                                       Annual Rodeo (tickets req.)     7:00 pm


There are dozens of events I couldn’t mention here, like the Ice

Cream social, Bingo, Garden tractor pull, Livestock sale, Goat

milking contest, performing arts, & Draft horse pull to name a few.

Come on out to the Kent County Youth Fair in Lowell this week.

I think you might have a great time.


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Photos by Bonnie Westbrook