It looks like the most affordable homes in the United States are in the

Midwest, according to’s latest posting about the Most

& the Least affordable cities to buy a home.  New York and the California

dominate the least affordable cities to buy a home today.


Grand Rapids MI Home


Grand Rapids Michigan comes in 5th Most Affordable with an affordability

score of 92.9%.


CNNMoney’s lineup is as follows:


  1. Indianapolis, IN     median home price – $107,000
  2. Youngstown, OH   median home price – $ 73,000
  3. Detroit, MI             median home price – $ 86,000
  4. Dayton, OH           median home price – $105,000
  5. Grand Rapids, MI  median home price – $100,000


  1. New York City, NY   median home price – $419,000
  2. San Francisco, CA   median home price – $580,000
  3. Honolulu, HA           median home price – $395,000
  4. Los Angeles, CA     median home price – $294,000
  5. Santa Ana, CA        median home price – $391,000


The foreclosure crisis that has hit the Midwest hard has influenced the

prices of homes in a downward trend for the past few years.  The

auto industry is a big factor, although many of these Midwest cities, like

Grand Rapids are diversifying their economic base and will come out of

this much stronger and with many more people as homeowners.

If you are looking for a home in Grand Rapids Michigan, you are much

more likely to find a home you can afford than many other cities, which

is great news for the average home buyer today.


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