On a beautiful day in April, we went on a day road trip

to Grand Haven Michigan, which is about 30 miles from

Grand RapidsGrand Haven is on Lake Michigan, it has a

great beach.  If you won’t take my word for it,  it was

named one of the Top 5 Beaches in the United States by

Good Morning America-Travel Mom and has hosted the AVP

Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament throughout the summer

months,  due to the quality of its sand beaches.

It also has 2 lighthouses, connected by a lighted catwalk

which runs along the pier to the shore.  Grand Haven is a

Great Lakes port, home to a large charter fishing fleet, the

US Coast Guard Lake Michigan Group, which coordinates all

Lake Michigan Coast Guard activities.  In fact, Grand Haven

is officially nicknamed, Coast Guard City USA.

 Grand Haven State Park is also a popular destination for tourists,

because it is on fabulous Lake Michigan.  We are so fortunate to

live so close to a natural wonder, Lake Michigan, one of the

largest fresh water lakes in the world.  On a balmy day in

April, it is so serene.  The same scene in stormy November

or January can look totally different.  We get warnings on our

weather channels about wave heights and swimming in

dangerous rip tide conditions all summer.

But on a day trip to Grand Haven in April, all we have to

concern ourselves with was lunch.  Which we had on the channel

at the Snug Harbor Restaurant while we watched the boats

going up and down the channel out to the big lake.


Grand Haven has lots to offer, whether you come for a vacation,

the Annual US Coast Guard Festival, or just a day tripper, like us.


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