Current market conditions have brought home prices down to levels

we haven’t seen in several years. All price levels and amenities

have been affected.

Now may be a great time to purchase a Waterfront Home.

I have included a list of 24 homes in Eastern Kent County Michigan

in the $100,000 to $200,000 price range with private water frontage.

Grand River  Ada Michigan
Grand River Ada Michigan

             Address                                             Price

   1915 Laraway Lake Dr SE                   $  119,900

   2201 Shady Dr NE                                    120,000

   4575 Abrigador Trl NE                              127,000

  4351 Porter Hollow Dr NE                        134,900

  1038 N Hampton Dr NE                            139,900

  3574 Michigan St NE                                144,900

  7159 Pennisula Dr NE                             145,900

  4565 Wakefield Ave   NE                        153,500

9027 Brouwer Lake Rd NE                       159,900

7111 Eva Dr NE                                        159,900

7073 Pennisula Dr NE                              160,000

3067 Valley View Dr NE                           169,900

8820 66th St SE                                        169,900

6655 West River Dr NE                            169,900

1542 Lamberton Lake Dr NE                    174,900

2121 High Bluff Dr NE                              185,000

6587 Summer Shores Dr SE                    189,000

2780 Thornapple River Dr SE                  189,000

7268 Pennisula Dr NE                              189,900

4151 Bud Dr NE                                       189,900

8181 84th St SE                                      194,900

5065 Porter Hollow Dr NE                      199,876

3300 Shadyside Dr NE                            199,900

7214 Ramsdell Dr NE                              199,900

If you are eligible for a first time buyer tax credit, buying a home

could  be less than you think.

The above link will take you to an explanation of the 2009 tax

credit and some possible applications I have provided.

If a leisure lifestyle appeals to you, this may be the perfect time

to make your move.  I am always available for questions or details

concerning Michigan real estate.  1-888-240-1968 X 0


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