We have gathered a list of the top Grand Rapids Township Houses

to buy based on price per square foot.  An added bonus, these

Grand Rapids Township Homes are in East Grand Rapids or

Forest Hills Public School system.  If you are new to the Grand Rapids

area, Grand Rapids Township taxes are lower than East Grand Rapids,

Grand Rapids, or Ada Township.

**Please note that this list can change daily as some homes sell,

some homes go through a lengthy approval process, prices are

adjusted and other homes come on the market.  Check

back often or just subscribe to our blog to get up-to-date local

real  estate information that you want to know.

Meijer Gardens Entrance Grand Rapids Township MI

The total square footage is noted here, although only the

main floors are used to figure price per square foot.

Grand Rapids Township:

Lowest price per Sq Ft    $43.03

Highest price per Sq Ft   $157.75

August 2009  BEST BUY GR Township Homes

Highest list price is $ 142,900

Lowest list price is  $  59,900

Top Best Buy GR Township Homes by Price per Square Foot:

3426 Nottingham Dr   $ 59,900      1392 SqFt    $43.03/SqFt

3182 Windcrest Dr     $ 89,900        847 SqFt    $106.14/SqFT

222 Elmer St               $109,900     1600 SqFt    $112.03/SqFt

68 Elmhurst Dr            $109,900    1322 SqFt    $109.90/SqFt

3165 Windcrest Dr      $110,000    1209 SqFt    $90.98/SqFt


1874 Leffingwell          $119,900    1650 SqFt    $80.47/SqFt

111 Greenbrier Dr        $119,900    2810 Sq Ft   $74.47/SqFt

1787 Park Trl NE          $120,900    1600 Sq Ft    $75.56/SqFt

3419 Eagle Bluff Dr      $1214,900   1363 Sq Ft   $144.73/SqFt

1789 Grand Ct NE       $124,900     1600 Sq Ft    $78.06/SqFt


1275 Suncrest Dr NE   $129,900     1748 Sq Ft   $137.03/SqFt

1024 Kenmoor Ave     $129,900      1144 Sq Ft   $113.55/SqFt

943 Patterson Ave      $129,900    1480 SqFt   $110.55/SqFt

3612 Nottingham        $129,900     1040 SqFt    $124.90/SqFt

1265 Suncrest Dr        $132,900     1325 SqFt    $163.07SqFt


3333 Park Ridge Ln     $134,900    1600 SqFt    $84.31/SqFt

1148 Forest Hill Ave    $135,000    1187 SqFt    $113.73/SqFt

2161 New Town Dr     $137,000    1057 SqFt    $129.61/SqFt

1127 Eastmont Dr       $139,900    1152 Sq Ft    $120.66/SqFt

1150 Farnsworth         $139,450    1600 SqFt    $157.75/SqFt


1039 Eastmont Dr        $139,900    1848 SqFt    $133.49/SqFt

3078 Ledgestone Dr    $140,000    1600 SqFt    $ 87.50/SqFt

2222 Valentine Blvd   $ 139,900    1265 SqFt     $110.59/SqFt

2847 Winesap Ave      $142,900    1557 Sq Ft   $137.14/SqFt


In this area of Grand Rapids, as well as others, there are fewer

really great home bargains left on the market. If you have been

waiting for prices to start climbing and inventory to shrink, the

time appears to be here.  List price and price per square foot are

both higher for all homes this month.

*Some of these homes may be bank owned foreclosures and

not habitable as is or available for a mortgage in present condition.*

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Rapids homes, please contact me directly:

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