We took a few hours to browse the Art Prize venues yesterday, Thursday, Sept 24th, 2009 in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We saw some fabulous pieces of artwork and we also some we just didn’t get.  I am sure it is the same for everyone, as we all see the world through our own private filter.

We took a few photos to share with those who won’t get a chance to see this art extravaganza in person.  Some of the artworks have to be seen in person to appreciate the scale and subtleties. some are in-your-face, some are really, really out there, and others are really just for fun.

We registered to vote, toured the Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Blue Bridge, Cathedral Square, Rosa Parks Circle and the Waters Building. We had a  wonderful lunch at the Grand Rapids Art Museum’s Terrace Restaurant overlooking Rosa Parks Circle.  What a great spot to people watch and even had a few art prize entries stroll past.



We hope to get back to see a lot more artwork. With 159 venues and over 1200 artists, it is quite a task to see them all.  Hope you enjoy our tour!

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