We have gathered a list of the top East Grand Rapids Houses to buy

based on price per square foot. Please note that this list can change daily

as some homes sell, prices are adjusted and other homes come on the

market. Price per square foot is a great leveler. If two similar homes are

listed at similar prices, their price per square foot should be similar.

It should reflect the interior finish of the home. For example, if it has

crystal chandeliers, marble tile, a new kitchen, this would be more per

square foot than a home that is in derelict condition.

Note:  We will not be listing “Short Sale” properties in our list,

if disclosed.

Balloon Sculpture at prking garage

The total square footage is noted here, although only the main floors

are used to figure price per square foot.

September 2009 – 25 BEST BUY East Grand Rapids Homes

Lowest price/Sq Ft range from $58.22 to $139.10

Highest List Price -  $419,900

Lowest List Price -  $116,900

The Top East GR Homes to Buy by Price per Square Foot:

2735 Richards Dr        $116,900    1400 Sq Ft   $83.50/SqFt

965 Lakeside Dr         $139,900    1545 Sq Ft   $90.55/SqFt

64 Elmhurst Dr SE     $149,900    2300 Sq Ft    $80.12/SqFt

630 Rosewood Ave    $159,900    1862 Sq Ft   $85.88/SqFt

420 Rosewood Ave    $164,900    2288 Sq Ft   $72.07/SqFt


348 Gladstone Dr       $174,900    1775 Sq Ft   $98.54/SqFt

428 Edgemere           $175,000   3006 Sq Ft    $58.22/SqFt

2752 Robinson Rd      $175,000   1532 Sq Fr    $114.23/SqFt

2258 Lake Dr SE         $189,900    2261 Sq Ft   $83.99/SqFt

1630 Lake Dr SE         $189,900     2692 SqFt   $70.54/SqFt


159 El Centro Blvd      $199,900    1848 Sq Ft   $108.17/SqFt

1117 Eastwood Ave   $205,000    2250 Sq Ft   $108.52/SqFt

2150 Anderson Dr      $209,000    3322 Sq Ft   $75.29/SqFt

150 Morningside       $210,000    2224 Sq Ft     $94.42/SqFt

2049 Englewood       $229,000   2307 Sq Ft    $114.04/SqFt


1410 Laurel Ave        $234,900    2692 Sq Ft    $105.43/SqFt

3000 Lake Dr  SE       $265,000    3346 Sq Ft    $139.10/SqFt

3030 Fulton St SE   $269,900    3460 Sq Ft    $113.40/SqFt

2305 Wilshire Dr     $279,900    3000 Sq Ft    $112.59/SqFt

751 Cambridge Blvd  $334,900    3219 Sq Ft    $112.84/SqFt


1401 Breton Rd SE   $349,700    3873 Sq Ft    $102.85/SqFt

2012 Coronado Dr    $419,900    3671 Sq Ft    $114.38/SqFt


The bargains are fewer & prices appear to be getting more

expensive here in East Grand Rapids this fall.   No homes

under $100K have been listed for the past 4 months.

If you have been waiting for the right time to buy, don’t wait much

longer.  We are starting to see signs competition for homes in some

areas, like East Grand Rapids and Forest Hills, is on the rise.

*Some of these homes may be bank owned foreclosures and not habitable

as is or available for a mortgage in present condition.*

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