We have gathered a list of the Top Best Kentwood Home

Buys.  Please note: This list can change daily as some

homes sell, prices are  adjusted and other  homes come

on the market. The homes listed below are probably

dated and would need updating with new carpeting,

paint, and kitchen-bath redos at a minimum to bring

them to current market standards. They might need major

repair work done, such as new roofs & mechanicals.

*Some of these homes may be bank owned foreclosures and

not habitable as is or available for a mortgage in present condition.*

kentwood mi top best buys in homes 3-09

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Please note: We will not be including Short Sale Properties

in our lists of Top Best Buys, if stated on MLS.

The total square footage is noted here, although only the

main floors are used to figure price per square foot.  The

lowest prices/Sq Ft range from $30.11to $69.90 n

Kentwood this month.

Homes on the list this month are still at bargain prices, with

most less than $70 a square foot.

Kentwood &  Wyoming have been hit hard by the automotive

shutdowns and subsequent job losses in these areas.  Nearly half of

the homes we researched this month were short sale properties

that will be coming on the market in the next 6-9 months as

foreclosure sales.

Short Sales are extremely difficult for most home buyers to

consider as a purchase.  The time alone [3-9 months] of negotiating

with the banks makes it impossible for most buyers to consider.


September  2009  20  TOP BEST BUYS in  Kentwood Homes

The lowest list price is $48,800

the highest list price is $179,900

Top Kentwood Homes to Buy by Price per Square Foot:

5545 Kalamazoo Ave   $48,800     848  Sq Ft    $57.55/SqFt

150  58th St SE           $59,900     1007 Sq Ft   $59.48/SqFt

5444 Eastern Ave       $59,900      976 SqFt    $61.37/SqFt

4705 Grantwood Ave  $61,000   1454 Sq Ft    $41.95/SqFt

2102 68th St SE          $65,600    2179 Sq Ft   $30.11/SqFt


36 58th St SE          $69.900    1540 Sq Ft    $67.21/SqFt

5891 Pine Vista St    $69,900     1269 Sq Ft    $55.08/SqFt

1124 Wavell St SE      $69,900   1000 Sq Ft   $69.90/SqFt

5916 Pine Vista St    $79,900     1152 Sq Ft   $69.36/SqFt

293 68th St SE         $79,900    1152 Sq Ft   $69.36/SqFt


1582 Marwood Dr     $84,900    2047 SqFt   $62.24/SqFt

5900 Brookfarm Dr    $84,900   1416 Sq Ft   $59.96/SqFt

439 Pine Place St      $99,850    1750 Sq Ft   $57.06/SqFt

110 Lurie St SE          $104,900   1627 Sq Ft   $64.47/SqFt

1024 52nd St SE        $115,900   1932 Sq Ft  $59.99/SqFt


5800 Buchanan Ave  $139,784    2073 Sq Ft  $67.43/SqFt

5848 Valley Lane Dr   $139,900   2073 Sq Ft  $68.38/SqFt

4546 Torrington Dr    $169,900   2736 Sq Ft  $62.10/SqFt

116 Edsel St St          $ 179,900   3128 Sq Ft  $62.51/SqFt

4533 Middlebury Dr    $179,900   3050 Sq Ft  $61.27SqFt



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