An article in says home sale contracts have risen for the

8th consecutive month.  Most of this activity is attributed to the first

time home buyer tax credit.  NAR [National Assoc of Realtors] released

September figures that homes sales spiked 6.1% in August, the index’s

highest level since December 2006.

Just how is Grand Rapids doing?  With one of the highest unemployment

figures in the country, and home foreclosures only second to Nevada,

let’s see how Grand Rapids is faring in home sales so far this year.


downtown alley VanAndel Arena


Greater Grand Rapids Area Home Sales  2009


  • January        324
  • February       401
  • March           507
  • April             606
  • May              532
  • June            707
  • July              703
  • August         635
  • September   606 
  • October        612

          Total           5633

Jan – Oct Homes Sales 2008 = 5205

Jan – Oct Homes Sales 2007 = 5159

Jan – Oct Homes Sales 2006 = 5436

Jan – Oct Homes Sales 2005 = 6305

Well, it looks like the best year for home sales in the Greater Grand

Rapids area since 2005, a record breaking year of home sales.

Signs are good that CNNMoney is right, home sales are doing well

nationally and in Grand Rapids.

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