Front doors are the first impression that visitors and passersby

get of your home.  We all make instant judgments about a home’s

interior when we see the front door, just like we do about a person

we first meet.  If you want to make a good first impression, you

should make sure your front door is attractive and welcoming.

autumn wreath on front door

I have a fascination with front doors.  I  drive by homes and

look at the front door or front entry.  I love to see a home with

a touch of personality or a piece of artwork displayed by the front


Cat face entrance decoration

GR doorway w trees

This front door reminds me of castle. I saw several doorways similar to

this in England inside the castle walls.

gr arched door w wreath

Door with well dressed scarecrows

Holidays and seasonal decorating are especially fruitful for my

voyeuristic entertainment.  I especially like the his and hers

well-dressed scarecrows guarding this front door.

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