I took 2 hours for a sight seeing trip while in San Diego to walk through

USS Midway Museum, which was just a short walk from my hotel. I took

a few photos of the flight deck, control tower and views around the

harbor. Hope you enjoy this brief tour. 

USS Midway Museum San Diego CA

I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to see how our Navy

crews lived through WWII, Vietnam, and Desert Storm.

huey helicopter

In the Vietnam War, I flew Helicopters for the 155th Army Air Corps.

The Vietnam workhorse Huey helicopter, one very similar to what I

flew back in 1970 was on  the flight deck. During the Vietnam War,

I’m sure the USS Midway provided air cover for several of the

Missions I was involved in while serving.

USS Midway aircraft carrier runway - conning tower

The runway and conning tower of the United States’ longest

serving carrier in the 20th century.

USS Midway aircraft carrier runway

It was fascinating to learn that this ship burned 260 gallons of

oil for every mile and carried a 3.4 million gallon fuel capacity. 

The new carriers are powered by a Nuclear reactor, so refueling

isn’t a problem anymore. 

view from carrier deck

San Diego Bay

Another trivia tidbit that awed me – the USS Midway served

10 tons of food daily to the crew of 4500.  3000 potatoes and

1000 loaves of bread were served daily.

And 500 pies were served when offered. 


If you would like to see all of my photos from the trip they

are all in this video montage:




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