Holiday traditions to celebrate the winter solstice are common

to every culture around the world.  The transition from the shortest,

darkest day in mid-winter to the longest day of light at the beginning

of summer are a common theme to our world.


Frederick Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids 

celebrates the light by showing the traditions of many countries

and cultures around the world.  Besides the forty one gorgeous

Christmas Trees that are decorated as they would be in their native

regions, they also display Kwanza, Jewish, and Buddhist traditional

decorations.  New this year is Tet Nguyen Dan, the Vietnamese

celebration of the lunar New Year; pronounced day wen don,

it literally means, “the first morning of the first day.”


Meijer Gardens is celebrating the completion of a $7.6 million

renovation and expansion that was awarded a silver level LEED

certificate in energy and environmental design.  The renovation

and expansion was centered around the cafe, visitor areas, office

and storage spaces.  The new cafe has a stunning Dale Chihuly

blown glass sculpture of colored glass flowers hanging from

the ceiling.


We have put together a few photos we took at the gardens

recently, so you can see some of the holiday decorations from

near and far.  The gorgeous Christmas trees are all 12-15 feet tall

and loaded with beautiful ornaments.  This is just a sampling of the

Christmas Traditions displayed here:

Our Holiday Wishes for Peace & Goodwill to all of you!