Lots of controversy on a proposed wind farm in Lake Michigan about

1-2 miles off the West Michigan shore.  Wind Farms  are up and

contributing to the grid in Texas, Iowa, California, Washington, and

Minnesota, which are the top 5 wind power states.   Wind power

grew by 39% in capacity over 2008, for a total of 35 gigawatts,

according to the American Wind Energy Association.


Indiana windmill farm

A proposed offshore Wind Farm that would cost $3 Billion dollars is

trying to get public support for its plan.  The Scandia Wind Energy

LLC say it would create thousands of jobs, primarily  constructing the

massive wind turbines in the waters of Lake Michigan just south of

Ludington.  The company says that location is positioned to transmit

electricity to Chicago or Detroit areas perfectly.

wind farm access road


A new jet engine wind turbine with 4 times the efficiency has interested

the DOE enough to give $ 8 Million in grants for further testing.  The theory

is that it would take less electricity to power the turbines, so output would

be doubled.  This could be the look of the future, with massive wind

turbines scattered over the countryside and in our lakes.


Grand Rapids is proposing putting two 300 foot wind turbines on land they

own in Grand Haven, on Lake Michigan to power their water plant.  If this

project goes forward it would be the first of its type in Michigan.


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