We attended an inspiring event sponsored by Rapid Growth Media

and Michigan State Housing Development Authority last night at

the Wealthy Street Theatre.  This was the first in a year long series

of events. This premier event was called “Touting Michigan”.


Rapid Growth brought together 5 panelists that are each individually

promoting Michigan, our state economy and image, and doing

something positive about rebuilding our state.


The message was clear – We have to do it ourselves!


Rapid Growth Talk 1  2010-02-09

Panelists from left to right are:


Sean Mann from Let’s Save Michigan

John Bell from Michigan Awesome

Lisa Diggs from Buy Michigan Now

Kevin Buist from Michigan by Choice

Neil Yaremchuk from Made in Michigan

and Moderator Jennifer Pascua

From Neil Yaremchuk: If we buy just $10 worth of Michigan made

products every week, we would pump $37 million back into our

local economies.  This means JOBS!!


Think Michigan First, Buy Local, and support your local

businesses and farmers. It is actually cheaper and greener.

Why send our hard earned Michigan money elsewhere?

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