We have a feeder for the birds. We enjoy watching them up close.

We have several other neighbors who like our feeder, too.  They

are always looking for a free lunch, free breakfast, free snack.

It becomes a part time job to keep them away from the black

gold known as sunflower seeds.


Usually if startled, they will fly into the air and land with a thud! 

It is about 14 feet to the ground.

We show “The Moocher” in the act……

The moocher

This fellow is a regular – not glad to see us!

Having breakfast

But I can have a few more seeds before you get serious.

Not afraid

Mug Shot # 147

The following shots were done with the burst setting on our camera.

hang ten

Hang time.

scrambling 2



scrambling 3

the leap


Short rest period until the next run.

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