We have gathered a list of the TOP Kentwood Michigan Houses

to buy, based on price per square foot.   Price per square foot

is a great leveler.  If two similar homes are listed at similar prices,

their price per square foot should be similar.  The price should reflect

the interior finish of the  home.   For example, if it has crystal chandeliers,

marble tile, & a new kitchen, this would be more per square foot than

a home that still has the 1970’s decor and/or is in derelict condition.

Kentwood MI City Hall

The total square footage is noted here, although only the

main floors are used to figure price per square foot.

Lowest prices/Sq Ft range from $32.37 to $59.95 in Kentwood this month.

March 2010  31 TOP BEST BUYS in  Kentwood MI Homes

The lowest list price is $ 29,900

the highest list price is $139,900

Top Kentwood MI Homes to Buy by Price per Square Foot:

315 60th St  SE         $46,900     864 Sq Ft    $54.28/SqFt

71 Jonquil St SW      $49,900     936 Sq Ft    $53.31/SqFt

5651 Haughey Ave    $49,900    872 SqFt     $57.22/SqFt

5444 Eastern Ave     $59,900    976 SqFt      $61.37/SqFt

1637 Rondo St SE      $65,000    1134 SqFt   $57.32/SqFt


123 Barry St              $69,900    1140 SqFt      $68.53/SqFt

155 Wavell St SE       $70,000     1350 Sq Ft    $51.85/SqFt

2097 60th St SE         $70,000    1300 Sq Ft    $53.85/SqFt

245  58th St SE         $79,900     1200Sq Ft    $66.58/SqFt


4528 Grantwood       $80,000     1650 SqFt    $64.00/SqFt

4314 Fuller Ave SE    $80,000     1289 SqFt    $62.50/SqFt

74 Jonquil St SW      $82,900     1280 SqFt    $64.77/SqFt

4545 Grantwood      $ 94,900    1396 SqFt    $67.98/SqFt

2206 Highlander Dr  $97,500     1728 SqFt    $56.42/SqFt


4651 Brooklyn Ave  $99,900     1800 SqFt    $67.73/SqFt

3075 Paris Park Dr   $103,900   1711 SqFt    $60.72/SqFt

1570 Marwood Dr    $104,900   1686 SqFt    $62.22/SqFt

1449 48th St SE       $109,900   2260 SqFt    $61.78/SqFt

4361 Plymouth Ave  $119,900  2800 SqFt    $66.98/SqFt


5818 Pinetree Ave    $119,900  2200 Sq Ft  $69.63/SqFt

2700 32nd St SE        $119,900  1778 SqFt   $67.44/SqFt

5342 Christie Ave     $119,900   1800 SqFt   $66.61/SqFt

5759 Burgis Ave        $120,000   2800 SqFt   $54.55/SqFt

3557 Raintree Ct SE  $121,900   2475 SqFt   $61.69/SqFt


1456 54th St SE        $122,000   2125 Sq Ft  $57.41/SqFt

5677 Gentian Ct       $124,900   2168 SqFt   $57.61/SqFt

1432 Andrew St SE   $125,000   1957 SqFt   $63.87/SqFt

5790 Blaine Ave SE   $139,900   3175 SqFt   $54.33/SqFt

1260 44th St SE        $140,000   2877 SqFt   $65.91/SqFt


Kentwood &  Wyoming have been hit hard by unemployment,

automotive plant shutdowns and loss of population. Short Sales are

extremely difficult for most home buyers to consider as a purchase.

Please keep in mind the time alone [3-9 months] of negotiating with

the banks makes it almost impossible for some buyers to consider.

Foreclosures are somewhat easier to purchase but many are sold

as-is.  The Tax Credit for home buyers will go away on April 30th,

2010.  If you have been thinking of buying a Kentwood home,


Please note that this list can change daily as some homes

sell, prices are adjusted and other homes come on the market.

Check back often or just subscribe to our blog to get

up-to-date local real estate information that you want to know.

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*Some of these homes may be bank owned foreclosures and

not habitable as is or available for a mortgage in present condition.*

If you would like to view a Kentwood Top Best Buys Home,

please call 1-888-240-1968 ext 0 or email us at:


All information is subject to verification & no liability for

omission or error is assumed.

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