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The Ottawa Hills neighborhood in Grand Rapids has had major construction

going on all winter.  The new Christian Elementary School is going up

on the old Ottawa Hills High School campus.  You can read about the

beginning  phases on an earlier blog. This campus will serve a large area

and is eagerly anticipated.  It is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2010.

We took a few new photos so you can see how it is shaping up.

new christian school grand rapids mi

We could hear the air hammers working away inside.

new school construction in ottawa hills gr mi

Lots of machinery and building equipment in evidence.

new school

The former playground was kept intact and their is plenty of open space.

school const lot

The view from the northwest corner of the lot, near Alexander Dr. SE.

This new facility will be located at: 1501 Fisk St SE

Old Ottawa/Iroquois Middle School
Old Ottawa/Iroquois Middle School
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We believe: Grand Rapids is a Great Place to Live!

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Would your kindergartener come home and ask for a bowl of cereal

in Mandarin Chinese?  If you live in the Forest Hills School System

in Grand Rapids Michigan, this isn’t as far fetched as it sounds.

The Meadowbrook Elementary School is home to the Forest Hills

Chinese Immersion Program.  This program is the first of its kind in

West Michigan.  The program just received a Federal Grant of $238,000

for the first year.  If all program objectives are met, it will receive

additional funds for the next 2 years.

fhps meadowbrook school entrance

Leaders in Forest Hills educational community decided to add Mandarin

Chinese Immersion to their bilingual offerings with the assistance

of Michigan State University’s Confucius Institute.  Currently 2

Chinese teachers are  on the school faculty to give students in

the program an early start in bilingual education.

The Forest Hills District is continuing to expand Mandarin language

courses at middle and high school levels.  With 55 percent of the

world’s population speculated to be from Asia in the year 2025 and

5 percent from North America, being fluent in Chinese will be a real

asset in the future business world.

Forest Hills also has a Spanish Immersion Program running at the

Ada Vista Elementary School.

Additional Forest Hills Schools Articles:

Forest Hills Schools Get Face-Lifts This Summer

Forest Hills Schools Update 2009

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Scheduled to open in the fall of 2010, construction has started on the new

elementary school at the old Ottawa Hills High School plot, formerly Iroquois

Middle School.  The Grand Rapids Public School system sold the land and

buildings and the old Ottawa  High School building was torn down this summer.


Major construction is now underway for the new school by Grand

Rapids Christian Schools.  This is what the site looks like now:

Construction Christian Elem school GR MI

Grand Rapids MI Christian Elem School construction

Grand Rapids MI Christian Elem School construction

And a site map of the future facility:

                      Grand Rapids MI Christian Elem School construction



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That library card is worth a free pass to a state park this year in Michigan

until September 25.  Check with your local library to see if they have signed

up for this free state park program.  There are also free hammocks as long

as supply lasts.


Glen Lake MI from Look Out Point

I would love to take a good book to the beach and read for a few hours

with the waves lapping, and my hammock swaying in the breeze.  In fact,

I have a new mystery thriller that probably need to be read in the open air,

a lot less scary. When my imagination and the plot thickens, I can look up

and see a serene scene to bring me back to reality.

Or you could just wander the beach and soak up the beautiful

Michigan scenery. Either way, it is a great offer !

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Newsweek makes its determination by ranking according to a ration devised by Jay Mathews: the number of Advanced Placement, Intl. Baccalaureate and/or Cambridge Tests taken by all students at a school in 2008 divided by the number  of graduating seniors. All of schools on the list have an index of at least 1.000; they are all in the top 6 percent of public schools measured this way.  (Most rankings just use AP)


FHCentral entrance

West Michigan schools that ranked are:

Black River High School (Holland) Rank # 464  – 4th time on the list

East Grand Rapids High School   Rank #1011 – 4th time on the list

Forest Hills Central High School   Rank # 1088 – 5th time on the list

Lowell High School                    Rank # 1271 – 4th Time on the list

Jenison High School                 Rank  # 1292 – 5th Time on the list

Mona Shores High School (Norton Shores) Rank # 1185 – 2nd time on the list


We all want our children to go to award-winning schools. These are the top

high schools in the area, by Newsweek ranking standards.  Where you have

top high schools, you have an educated workforce, and typically higher

real estate prices because people want to live where their children will get

a great education.


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Forest Hills Michigan – Home to a Growing Public School District

We just received the Superintendant’s News Letter with all the Forest

Hills Public School news.  Of course, there was talk of budget challenges

and difficult times.  Even school districts that are well-funded, like Forest

Hills Public, are having budget issues because of state funding reductions.

Forest Hills is focused on student education, and is still reducing

administrative overhead. 76.7% of the school budget is spent on

classroom and instructional support.



2009 Forest Hills School News:


  • 3 Teachers recognized on state & national levels for excellence
  • Conserved 1.9 million in reduced energy costs
  • ALL Forest Hills Schools receive Green Certificates
  • Received David D Smith Award for Environmental Stewardship
  • Growing enrollment while 80% of Michigan districts are declining
  • 2007 Bond Issue allows investment in infrastructure
  • 10,100+ students, 2nd in size in Kent County, 23rd largest in

      Michigan, out of 552

  • 2009 Student MEAP Scores Highest in Michigan


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Grand Rapids Community College Offers Film Training

Michigan is one of the few states courting the film industry with

rebates and tax incentives.  This should bring more film makers

to Michigan in 2009.  In anticipation of the films and film crews

that will be needed to bring these projects to completion,

Grand Rapids Community College is offering 4 different courses

in training for film production.

These classes run from $125 to $1750 for tuition fees and some

require some technical knowledge and expertise.

TicTock Studios in Holland MI is co-sponsoring the Basic Film Set

Training to supply needed expertise to film makers here.  These

programs are state approved and might qualify for No Worker Left

Behind funding to participate in the film training program.

Henry Ford Community College is also offering classes.

The classes at GRCC start in March, so check out the links and

you could be working on a movie set this year!


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