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Merle’s Door by by Ted Kerasote is one of the best dog memoir books I have ever read.  If you have a dog, are thinking about getting a dog, or just like reading about dogs, don’t miss this great book!  It is truly a loving tribute to a big-hearted canine from his beloved best friend.

                                   merle's door by ted kerasote

Ted Kerasote, winner of the National Outdoor Book Award, writes for many periodicals including Outdoor Magazine & Audubon, among others. He is an outdoor enthusiast and lives in the state of  Wyoming. 

He has written this warm, character driven memoir of his dog, Merle. By reading this book, you will get to know and love Merle, too.  

 (Warning: You will need tissue at the end of the book)  He is allowed to become himself, thoroughly, which is the basis of this novel.  Ted interprets what Merle is thinking and feeling, and this book is a true testament to the age old friendship between man and dog.

Almost any pet owner will credit their pet with many traits that in the past were only thought to be possessed by humans.  I’ve always believed animals are sentient beings and capable of most, if not all the feelings and emotions we have. I believe they think, not just react through genetic code.  If you are a doubter, then take the challenge and read Merle’s Door.  You will not look at animals quite the same way as before.

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photo of Merle’s Door courtesy of Harcourt Publishing Co.


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