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We all love a success story.  This one is about a local Kentwood

graduate, Matthew Harmon, who was Michigan’s Mr Golf 2002-3,

went on to play golf for Michigan State University

and is now on the Nationwide and NGA Hooters Golf Tours trying

to make  it to the PGA Tour.  He got a big break this week.

  Let us tell you his story:

He was 2 under par playing his final qualifying round for the Buick

Open when his caddy (and brother-in-law) Nick, stepped into a

bunker and then raked his tracks.  Matt was in the other end of

the bunker hitting out and didn’t see what Nick did until it was

too late.  He thought it was a 2 stroke penalty.  He consulted the

officials. They didn’t know for sure either, but to be on the safe side,

assessed  the 2 stroke penalty, which put Matt at 4 under and

1 stroke over qualifying for the final  Buick Open.


Oh, well, another day of golf, and on to Houston, Texas  to play in

another tournament.  He was at the Minneapolis airport when he

got the call from the officials at the Buick Open.  They had received

a play cancellation and because of the penalty Matt assessed himself

(which is still in contention), they offered him a spot in the Open. 

Now all he had to do was get back to Grand Blanc and get his

clubs and equipment there – which were on their way to Houston

by this time.  He got a ticket back to Grand Rapids and drove to

Grand Blanc, and his clubs and gear arrived in time, somehow. 


He is performing like a champion at this tournament.  He was 4 under

yesterday and had the daily record for the longest drives.  He is 2 under

today, tied for 18th place.  This could be his very first major tournament

to place in the money.  Our local TV channel had an interview that aired

on the 11:00 pm newscast last night.  We are watching closely, this

could be his big break into the PGA events.

A few pictures I took yesterday of Matt and that other guy,  Tiger Woods

playing at Warwick Hills, The final Buick Open.




Did I mention I used to play with Matt and his Dad when he first started

to play golf?  He must have been 10-11 years old.  He could hit the ball

a long way even back then.  I never dreamed he would one day play on

the PGA Tour and I would be in the crowd cheering him on!


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