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Forest Hills Michigan Top Best Buy Forest Hills Homes

(Ada-Cascade) to buy, based on price per square foot

for June 2010.

The homes listed below would probably need updating

with new carpeting, paint, and kitchen–bath redos

at a minimum to bring them to current market standards.

They might need major repair work done, such as new roofs,

new plumbing, electrical & other major mechanicals.

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up-to-date local real estate information that you want to know.

The total square footage is noted here, although only the

main floors are used to figure price per square foot, not the

basement, even if finished.

Please note: This list can change daily as some homes sell,

prices are adjusted and other homes come on the market.

meadowbrook elementary school forest hills mi

Top Best Buy Homes – Forest Hills Michigan June 2010

25 properties

The lowest price/Sq Ft for homes range from $34.78 to $79.58

Lowest list price is $59,000

Highest list price is $249,900

June 2010 homes  Forest Hills School District:

This list could include properties in Ada Township, Cascade

Township, Grand Rapids Township, Lowell Township, and the

city of Kentwood.

WARNING: Some of these homes may be bank owned foreclosures,

short sales and not habitable as is or available for a mortgage

in present condition.

The Top Forest Hills Homes to Buy by Price per Square Foot:

2674 Chatham Woods Dr  $ 54,900    926 SqFt      $59.29/SqFt

2629 Chatham Woods Dr  $ 67,500    1363 Sq Ft    $73.93/SqFt

4477 Knapp Ct NE          $74,900     1769 Sq Ft    $66.93/SqFt

1417 Grand River Dr NE   $ 75,000    1248 Sq Ft     $60.10/SqFt

6351 Wainscot Dr SE       $ 75,000      1116 Sq Ft     $67.20/SqFt

3914 Cascade Rd Dr        $77,900      1240 Sq Ft     $62.82/SqFt

6372 Wainscot Dr SE      $ 84,900     1224 Sq Ft     $69.36/SqFt

6248 Lincolnshire Ct SE  $ 84,900    1744 Sq Ft     $66.17/SqFt

2201 Shady Dr NE           $ 85,000     2444 Sq Ft     $34.78/SqFt

3181 Charlevoix Dr         $ 89,900    1338 Sq Ft     $67.19/SqFt

2049 Rowland Ave          $ 94,900    1280 Sq Ft    $74.14/SqFt

3005 Chapshire Dr          $ 95,000      1224 Sq Ft    $77.61/SqFt

3747 Bradford St NE       $100,000    1640 Sq Ft    $60.98/SqFt

1791 Grand Ct NE           $117,900     1600 Sq Ft   $73.69/SqFt

1787 Park Trail NE           $117,900     1600 Sq Ft   $73.69/SqFt

3333 Park Ridge Ln NE   $124,300    1600 Sq Ft   $77.69/SqFt

1789 Grand Ct NE           $124,900    1600 SqFt    $78.06/SqFt

43 Robinhood Dr NE      $139,900     2328 SqFt     $69.39/SqFt

6948 Maplecrest Dr SE   $159,000     2692 SqFt     $59.06/SqFt

5015 Ada Dr SE              $199,900     3000 Sq Ft    $74.04/SqFt

205 Shore Haven Dr        $199,900    2652 SqFt    $75.38/Sq Ft

5739 Fulton St E             $ 224,900   4557 Sq Ft    $62.79/SqFt

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Ada Woods is an established development of homes in Ada, Michigan,

 just west of Ada and south of Fulton Street (M46).  Ada Woods started

 out as an E.L. Ladd development but towards the end of the project

many lots were sold to other builders and completed by individual owners.

  The dates of building range from 1980’s to 2005.  Most of the homes 

have more square footage and more amenities than Adacroft Commons,

its  adjacent neighborhood.  As with Adacroft Commons, there is designated

common land in the development that remains heavily wooded and in a

natural state.                    

                     Ada Woods Residential Real Estate

                           September 2008  Market Report

                    4 Sold, 0 Pending, 9 For Sale

  bike trail Railroad under pass in Ada MI

Address                Price     Status   Sq Ft  $/SqFt  DOM

6387 Scarborough Dr 199,900  For Sale  1666    119.98    106

6449 Scarborough Dr 184,900  For Sale  2060    89.75      55

6380 Redington Dr    339,900  For Sale  2325    146.19   202

6270 Scarborough     359,900  For Sale  2640    136.32    97

6217 Scarborough Dr 469,900  For Sale  2942    159.72    61

6405 Drumlin Ct       279,900  For Sale  2321    120.59    83

6400 Redington        339,900  For Sale  2692    126.26    73

6333 Redington        344,900  For Sale  2716    126.98     43

400 Adaway Ave        329,000  For Sale  2522    130.80    29

410 Lehigh Dr          359,900  Sold        2646    136.01    15

225 Grayfield Ct       323,000  Sold        2460    131.20   169

6296 Scarborough    360,000  Sold        2888    124.65     34

6459 Redington       370,000  Sold        3106    119.12   164


The average home sale for 2008 in Ada Township is $ 309,612.

142 homes have sold this year. 

The Ada area growth trends remain strong. Ada Township planner,

Jim Ferro states that the Ada population has grown by 20% since 2000.

 There is a new proposed 80 condo unit – Villas of Ada

and Stone Falls of Ada – a 210 unit apartment complex, currently under

construction here.

Ada Woods is a popular home market in the Ada area. Part of the appeal

is the proximity of Ada Elementary, Forest Hills 5/6 School, Ada Christian

Schools, St Roberts School and close to the village of Ada and Fulton Street.  


Grand Rapids Ada MI Real Estate – Five Star Real Estate

 Copyright 2008  All Rights Reserved

Bike Trail Railroad Underpass in Ada Mi photo by Bonnie Westbrook

Adatowne is a popular entry level home market in the Ada area.

Part of the appeal is the proximity of Ada Elementary, Forest Hills

Central Middle and High Schools, Ada Christian Schools, St Roberts

School and being close to the village of Ada. Adatowne is an

established subdivision, started in the early 1970’s by E.L. Ladd

Builders of Ada. I have held many open houses in these new plats

 and sold many of the homes as new construction – to be built.

If you doubt the power of your home as an investment, a basic

ranch (about 1000 sq ft) sold  for $ 19,900 in 1975.


 Adatowne Residential Neighborhood in Ada, Michigan

    September 2008 Real Estate Market Report   

           8  Sold, 0 Pending, 3 For Sale


  adatowne residential neighborhood ada mi


 Address             Status      Price       Sq Ft       $/Sq Ft     DOM

6686 Adaridge  For Sale   179,900   1200      149.91        27

448 Adapointe  For Sale   174,900   1984        88.15         20 

6873 Adaside    For Sale    149,900   1264     118.59         12 

6705 Adaridge      Sold       143,900      1056      136.26      74 

7028 Adaridge      Sold       149,900      2116        70.84        8 

6869 Adaridge      Sold       115,000        988       116.39     20 

6885 Adaridge      Sold       124,000      1270         97.63     81  

6966 Rix St.           Sold       119,625      1052       113.71     119 (F) 

6674 Adaridge      Sold       142,000      1056       134.46     151 

6824 Adaside        Sold       142,600      1028       138.71     260

6767 Adaridge      Sold        154,500     1300       118.84       20

(F) = Foreclosure

144 homes have sold in Ada Township in 2008,

Average price is $309,407.  15% fewer homes have

sold in 2008 but the average price has increased by  3%.


The Ada area growth trends remain strong. Ada Township planner,

 Jim Ferro states that the Ada population has grown by 20% since

 2000. There is a new proposed 80 unit condo development

 Villas of Ada  and Stone Falls of Ada – a 210 unit apartment

complex, currently under construction here.  Both new sites plan

on being open in 2009. 


If you would like detailed information about Ada Homes, please feel free

to contact me directly at 1-888-240-1968.

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Photo of Rix Dr. by Bonnie Westbrook

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