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We enjoy autumn in Michigan, it is one of our favorite seasons.

The fall colors, the crisp fall air, football games, crisp crunchy apples are

just a few of the wonderful things about fall in Michigan. 


EGR autumn maple 



East GR street in fall

While the autumn colors on the trees are a thing of beauty, they quickly become

a much detested chore to clean up.  Raking leaves on a beautiful fall day

is fun for about 30 minutes. On a blustery cold, rainy day, it is a miserable

chore, a never ending job to complete.  The leaves fall like rain, and will

take a few days to 2 weeks to completely leave the trees.

tree lined street in EGR

If you live in the city of East Grand Rapids, Michigan, this isn’t such a

chore because the city takes away your leaves for you.  All you

have to do is get them to the curb.

EGR leaves

As you can see in these photos of a few streets in East Grand Rapids, many

leaves are at the curb, ready to be picked up and composted.  A sure sign of

fall in these neighborhoods.


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