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We love to try new places to eat, especially for lunch. But Marie

Catrib’s in the East Hills neighborhood of Grand Rapids is an old

favorite.  We have friends, John & Betsy who live in Heritage Hill

and Marie’s is a great place to meet.

The atmosphere is cozy and warm.  The restaurant is always busy.

And the food is unusual and delicious.  I prefer the vegetarian,

local products, my spouse prefers traditional fare. At Marie’s,

both of us are happy with the selections.

On our recent visit, I ordered the veggie Sweet Potato and

Quinoa burger [heavenly and huge] while my pard ordered the

Turkey Rueben [messy but delish].

Outside of bldg

Marie Catrib’s From the Street

Inside marie catribes restaurant

East Hills is the center of the universe.

deli goodies case at marie catribes

A take-out case is loaded with great offerings.

Marie Catrib’s is located at 1001 Lake Dr SE Grand Rapids MI


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FH Foods family bathroom

You might have to really look at this picture to see the details. 

When I went to our local food store recently, I needed to to make a

necessary stop.  When I saw the bathroom, I had to go to my car and get

get my camera to take this shot above.  Our local grocery store is one of

the best I have ever been in.  They listen to their customers and try to

make life easier and more convenient for them.

We (and everyone we know) love Forest Hills Foods.  This is just one of a

dozen reasons.  If you have little children, would they like to go to the

bathroom where they can have a stool and sink at their height?

Would it make it a fun experience for them?  You bet!

Thanks again, Forest Hills Foods, for thinking about your customer’s

grocery store experience.

We were referred to this new restaurant downtown Grand Rapids

by our  friends, John & Betsy, who live in Heritage Hill.  They met us

for lunch at Taquitos a couple of times.

Taquitos is located at Division Ave in the old Herkimer Hotel at

the corner of Division and Cherry streets.  We really liked the way

the building was remodeled, it still has the ambiance of an old bar

and restaurant that existed there years ago but with current flair

and lots of light.  No dark and dingy digs here.  We also liked the

food and the service.  We want to encourage the redevelopment

going on in this Heartside District of Grand Rapids

A few years ago, this area was populated mainly by homeless

people and shelters.

Taquitos is located in the bottom of the old Herkimer Hotel Building

at the corner of Division  and Goodrich.  The Heartside District is

growing into a local "arts community" and we  welcome new

businesses like Taquitos.

Now that you have some background, we can get down to

the good stuff……the food.  Authentic Mexican fare at Taquitos,

a clean, friendly restaurant with great food.  We love Mexican food,

the more authentic, the better. Mole is on the menu, which is

seldom seen outside of Mexico.  Since it was a hot day, we went

for a chicken burrito and the chicken salad. The chicken salad had

a light lime vinagrette and was delicious, according to Bonnie.  The

chicken burrito was good also, lots of chicken and it was available

with sauce or without.  They serve hot tortilla chips and a mild salsa

for an appetizer.  Our waitress was smiling and happy to wait on us.

Here are a few pictures of Taquitos.    We will be back for sure!

Taquitos Mexican Grill 327 Division Ave S Grand Rapids, MI 49503-

(616) 336-9300

Taquitos restaurant Grand Rapids MI

Taquitos restaurant Grand Rapids MI

Taquitos restaurant Grand Rapids MI

Westbrook Realty Grand Rapids Michigan

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Photos by Terry Westbrook

No credit or remuneration was received to give this recommendation of Taquitos Mexican Grill

We attended the latest Grand Valley State University Alumni Breakfast

Series this week in Grand Rapids Michigan.  The featured speaker was

Blake Krueger, the CEO of Wolverine Worldwide, Inc. speaking on Global

Leadership through Innovation. 

If you aren’t familiar with Wolverine Worldwide, they are a local company

based here in Rockford, Michigan. They had annual sales of $1.2 billion

last year as an international marketer of footwear, apparel, and

accessories.  They make Hush Puppies, Merrell, Patagonia, Sebago,

Harley Davidson and Cat footwear.  The talk was very informative and

relevant to today’s global market place.  Wolverine Worldwide decided

to go global back in 1958, so they were way ahead of the curve when

most companies decided to market their products beyond the shores

of the USA. 

Which could be why they are a very successful company today.


Here is a short video of the last part of Mr. Krueger’s talk, about

innovation in the global marketplace.


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Video by Bonnie Westbrook

We like to use local companies. We like to know the people who work there.

We feel supporting local businesses is the right thing to do and the way

to make our area prosperous.  In over 35 years of doing business in the

Greater Grand Rapids real estate market, we have seen lots of businesses

 come & go.

We salute those businesses that tow the line every day. They go to work and

make our lives easier, better, warmer, colder, they fulfill our needs, whatever

they may be. They do this every day and serve their community by being

experts in their specific fields.  Jacobson Heating & Cooling is a company

we trust. 

Jacobson Heating & Cooling is one of those local companies that

 we are grateful we can call.  If you wake up and your furnace isn’t working,

Jacobsons Heating & Cooling will send an expert out to give you the good

news (it can be repaired) or the bad news (it can’t be repaired and you need

a new furnace).  Yikes, is the credit card full?


Jacobson Heating & Cooling

Jacobson Heating & Cooling


We have used Jacobson Heating and Cooling in our own home and for our

rental properties. We know we can rely on them to do a good job at a fair price.

 If you are looking for heating/cooling service and/or new equipment we highly

 recommend them.  An annual furnace inspection is always a good idea.


Jacobson Heating and Cooling is a family owned and operated company that

 was established in 1932. Bob Vanderson Sr. has been with the company for

almost 50 years and now owns it with his three sons, Bob Jr., Tom, and Jeff.

They service the greater Grand Rapids area with residential and light

commercial installations as well as providing award winning service. They

 pride themselves in taking care of their customers, they have won several

awards, including the BBB (Better Business Bureau) Best in Customer Service

 in 1993 and 1997, and Business of the Year in 1998. They were also awarded

 the National ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) Award for

Residential Excellence in 2000.

For help with any of your heating and cooling needs contact them at


Grand Rapids Ada Real Estate  Copyright 2008 All rights reserved

Jacobsons Heating and Cooling facts taken from their website.

We have received no remuneration or compensation for our referral of

Jacbosons Heating & Cooling but Bob might give me strokes on the back 9.


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