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We have a feeder for the birds. We enjoy watching them up close.

We have several other neighbors who like our feeder, too.  They

are always looking for a free lunch, free breakfast, free snack.

It becomes a part time job to keep them away from the black

gold known as sunflower seeds.


Usually if startled, they will fly into the air and land with a thud! 

It is about 14 feet to the ground.

We show “The Moocher” in the act……

The moocher

This fellow is a regular – not glad to see us!

Having breakfast

But I can have a few more seeds before you get serious.

Not afraid

Mug Shot # 147

The following shots were done with the burst setting on our camera.

hang ten

Hang time.

scrambling 2



scrambling 3

the leap


Short rest period until the next run.

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We invite you to visit our world famous Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We will share our recent snowy winter scenes with you. It usually doesn’t look like this until January or February, but it certainly is getting us in the Holiday mood. This is just a sampling of the 200+ sculptures that are here at the park permanently.

If you get a chance to visit Grand Rapids, don’t miss the Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. Former President Jimmy Carter called it a "National Treasure." We would love to have you come for a visit and see for yourself.

More photos of Meijer Gardens


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We believe: Grand Rapids is a Great Place to Live!

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Robinette’s AppleHaus, Gift Barn & Winery is almost a historical fixture here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is a Centennial Farm, which means it has been farmed by the same family for over a hundred years. The Robinette Farm has kept up with Grand Rapids growth by providing what their customers want. Located at 3142 Four Mile Road at the East Beltline(M-37), they have an apple orchard farm and Apple Haus right on one of the heaviest traveled roads in Michigan.

robinette gift barn

The Gift Barn is open all winter with lots of Christmas items year round and other selected gifts. They have opened a wine tasting room in the cellar of the Barn, featuring Michigan wines and their own hard cider, Barzilla’s Brew, named after one of the original Robinette family. Tasting hours are limited in the winter, so check before heading out. Phone 1- 800-400-8100

robinette gift barn

The AppleHaus holds the Lunch Room, cider mill, and market shop that sells the cider, apples and frsh bakery treats Robinettes’ cook up. The lunch room is a favorite of ours. The desserts, such as fruit pies, are homemade and fresh from their ovens. If you haven’t had fresh peach pie, you are missing one of life’s great pleasures. The Lunch Room is only open in the summer and fall, but come early because it is always busy.

robinette gift barn

This is the original farm house from the 1880’s where one of the Robinette family still live. The Giant Apple is situated in the middle of the children’s play area and is has been a fixture for many years. Robinette’s has many other things to offer. There are trails to hike, hayrides in the Fall, and a Mountain Bike Trail that is challenging to say the least. Check out the video on their website of the mountain bike trail. It will give you a whole new appreciation for mountain biking and our beautiful terrain here in West Michigan.

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