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No one wants to get ill and end up in the hospital. But life happens.

We get sick, we get in accidents, we fall off ladders and break bones,

we have babies.  When this happens it is very comforting to know

you have an excellent  hospital in your local area that will be able to

care for you until you recover.


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Here in Grand Rapids, Michigan we are very fortunate to have one of the

nation’s best hospitals to care for our citizens in need of health care.

 Spectrum Health has 7 Hospitals and more than 140 service sites.

Spectrum Health’s 14,000 employees, 1,500 medical staff members

and 2,000 volunteers are  a major part of our community and our economy,

providing $98.6 million in community benefit during its 2007 fiscal year.


Spectrum Health has earned more than 50 national awards during the

past 10 years. A recent study recognized Spectrum Health as one of

the best hospitals in the country for the sixth time in 10 years.

Spectrum Health was included on the list of Thomson Healthcare’s

100 Top Hospitals for 2007.

The winners were announced in the March 17, 2008 issue of

Modern Healthcare magazine.

The 100 Top Hospitals have higher survival rates, keep more patients complication-free, and have lower expenses-all while maintaining financial stability. Thomson Healthcare estimates that if all Medicare inpatients received the same level of care as those in the 100 Top Hospitals winners:

  • more than 120,000 additional patients would survive each year
  • nore than 138,000 patient complications would be avoided annually
  • expenses would decline by an aggregate $6.2 billion a year
  • the average patient stay would decrease by more than half a day

If you are planning on relocating to Grand Rapids Michigan, you can rest assured your medical needs will be in good hands.

Spectrum Health facts taken from Spectrum Health website – press releases


Grand Rapids Community College Offers Film Training

Michigan is one of the few states courting the film industry with

rebates and tax incentives.  This should bring more film makers

to Michigan in 2009.  In anticipation of the films and film crews

that will be needed to bring these projects to completion,

Grand Rapids Community College is offering 4 different courses

in training for film production.

These classes run from $125 to $1750 for tuition fees and some

require some technical knowledge and expertise.

TicTock Studios in Holland MI is co-sponsoring the Basic Film Set

Training to supply needed expertise to film makers here.  These

programs are state approved and might qualify for No Worker Left

Behind funding to participate in the film training program.

Henry Ford Community College is also offering classes.

The classes at GRCC start in March, so check out the links and

you could be working on a movie set this year!


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