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The January Series is back at Calvin College this month. We have several

talks that we have attended already. Today, we have an offer we are

preparing and the wind chill is -18 Degrees. I decided to stay home and

listen live to the 1 hour presentation by film director, Robert Rooy, on

Microfinance – Changing lives in Poverty. Robert has filmed all over the

world for non-profits so they can tell their stories via film. He is an

accomplished director and donates his off time to helping non-profits film

in remote locations.

He recommends as a means to donate to microfinance small business

opportunities for poor people all over the planet. This system really works.

So I checked it out and I am now helping Mujeres Unidos Group in Peru.

I will get monthly updates on their progress, whether they pay the loan back

and just how it helps their lives. Ain’t the internet great?

You get to choose where your money goes, and you get updates on how

they are doing. Paypal makes the payment easy and safe.

Please go to and take a look. You can donate as little as $25.

You could make a difference in someone’s life today.

For the price of a lunch for the two of us, we can actually

help people rise out of poverty.

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