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Front doors are the first impression that visitors and passersby

get of your home.  We all make instant judgments about a home’s

interior when we see the front door, just like we do about a person

we first meet.  If you want to make a good first impression, you

should make sure your front door is attractive and welcoming.

autumn wreath on front door

I have a fascination with front doors.  I  drive by homes and

look at the front door or front entry.  I love to see a home with

a touch of personality or a piece of artwork displayed by the front


Cat face entrance decoration

GR doorway w trees

This front door reminds me of castle. I saw several doorways similar to

this in England inside the castle walls.

gr arched door w wreath

Door with well dressed scarecrows

Holidays and seasonal decorating are especially fruitful for my

voyeuristic entertainment.  I especially like the his and hers

well-dressed scarecrows guarding this front door.

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For all of you that are not attending the NAR Convention in San Diego a little

peak at one of the Hot Topics. NAR has announced a new web site to

assist home Owners. It is still in Beta but you might like to check it out:



You care about your home. The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®

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It is spring and the home improvement train is chugging along.

Especially for people that are staying in their home, by choice

or economic necessity.  A home improvement project can be top on

the list of things to do.  So, how do you determine if it is a

cost that is reasonable for your budget or even a smart thing

to do?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a ball park figure before

you call the contractor.


905 N Ottillia frt


As usual, the web is here to help you.

HGTV has a Local Cost estimator for home improvement projects

that will estimate a project in your local area.  Costs do vary by

location, so remember this is just a guess-timate.  If you want

marble tile or $500 faucets, the cost of your new bath can

escalate quickly.

Here is another site that might be helpful in your process of

home improvement decisions.  The DIY Network has a remodeling

Budget Estimator that covers frequently asked questions.  It

is always helpful to get as much information as possible to aid

in your decision making process.

Viewing these home improvements from a Realtor’s viewpoint,

some projects will make your home more attractive but will they

make it more valuable to a buyer?  Check out Realtor Magazine’s

                          Cost vs Value 2008 Report

to see if that new bath will add to the value of your home before

you spend your hard earned money.


It might be worth while to you as a family no matter what the

payback if you sell your home in the future.  It might not, too.

For example, if you know that your job will probably be

transferred in a year or two, do you really want to put $40K in

a new bathroom?  Will you get any payback for this when you


The Top Five Remodeling Project Paybacks:

1. Upscale fiber cement siding (86.7%)

2. Midrange wood deck (81.8%)

3. Midrange vinyl siding (80.7%)

4. Upscale foam-backed vinyl (80.4%)

5. Midrange minor kitchen remodel (79.5%


Exterior projects that improve curb appeal are leading the list.

What will your home improvement project be this summer?


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If you are considering selling your home, please do your homework!

I mean this literally.  Your To-Do List needs to be completed before

you put your home up for sale.

Homes that are in good condition, super duper clean, and have an

attractive street appearance are MUCH more likely to sell than the

average listed home.

Other people want to be able to imagine themselves in your home,

not imagine themselves working every weekend to get the trim

painted, get the front door replaced, and take care of the landscaping.

If your window trim looks like this – you need to scrape it and



Window trim in need of paint



First with primer, tinted to match your paint[ a little painters

secret, if you have the primer tinted a lighter shade of your trim

color, the final coat will cover better than over white and you can

see just where you have painted ]

This window looks like it could use new caulking around the glass, too.

All these little items really make a difference to a buyer. If you ignore the

little things about home maintenance, you probably will ignore the big things.


Be sure that your front door is freshly painted, and the approach to your

home is free of leaves, clutter, and attractive. Trim your lawn edgings, fill

flower pots or boxes, make sure your beds are weeded or have fresh mulch.

You don’t want to lose your buyer’s interest before they even get in the door.


Evanston doorway


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