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West Michigan has 4 seasons and fall or autumn is one of our favorites. 

The foliage on the trees is yellow, red, orange, shades of green, and

brown.  It all combines to paint  lovely colors all over our landscape.

We captured a few photos of the fall season here in Ada Michigan

on the Thornapple River this last weekend.  All were take from

Thornapple Pointe Golf Club near the Gerald R Ford International

Airport, just southeast of Grand Rapids.

In fact, we joke that it is the TCPB course here…….trains, cars,

planes, and boats can all be seen and heard from the course.

We had an airboat travel down the river while we were playing

but I didn’t get my camera out in time to catch it in a photo.

Fairway on the river Ada MI

Sand Trap Scenery Ada MI golf club

Thoranpple Pte river view

Fall Maple refl water


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Fall Maple refl water

This was captured yesterday playing golf at Thornapple Pointe Golf Course

on the Thornapple River in Grand Rapids Michigan. 

My friend, Paul, and I got in a quick 18 holes in the afternoon. 

The golf course was pretty open which left me time to snap a few shots

of our local scenery.   This little maple is putting on quite a show!


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We all love a success story.  This one is about a local Kentwood

graduate, Matthew Harmon, who was Michigan’s Mr Golf 2002-3,

went on to play golf for Michigan State University

and is now on the Nationwide and NGA Hooters Golf Tours trying

to make  it to the PGA Tour.  He got a big break this week.

  Let us tell you his story:

He was 2 under par playing his final qualifying round for the Buick

Open when his caddy (and brother-in-law) Nick, stepped into a

bunker and then raked his tracks.  Matt was in the other end of

the bunker hitting out and didn’t see what Nick did until it was

too late.  He thought it was a 2 stroke penalty.  He consulted the

officials. They didn’t know for sure either, but to be on the safe side,

assessed  the 2 stroke penalty, which put Matt at 4 under and

1 stroke over qualifying for the final  Buick Open.


Oh, well, another day of golf, and on to Houston, Texas  to play in

another tournament.  He was at the Minneapolis airport when he

got the call from the officials at the Buick Open.  They had received

a play cancellation and because of the penalty Matt assessed himself

(which is still in contention), they offered him a spot in the Open. 

Now all he had to do was get back to Grand Blanc and get his

clubs and equipment there – which were on their way to Houston

by this time.  He got a ticket back to Grand Rapids and drove to

Grand Blanc, and his clubs and gear arrived in time, somehow. 


He is performing like a champion at this tournament.  He was 4 under

yesterday and had the daily record for the longest drives.  He is 2 under

today, tied for 18th place.  This could be his very first major tournament

to place in the money.  Our local TV channel had an interview that aired

on the 11:00 pm newscast last night.  We are watching closely, this

could be his big break into the PGA events.

A few pictures I took yesterday of Matt and that other guy,  Tiger Woods

playing at Warwick Hills, The final Buick Open.




Did I mention I used to play with Matt and his Dad when he first started

to play golf?  He must have been 10-11 years old.  He could hit the ball

a long way even back then.  I never dreamed he would one day play on

the PGA Tour and I would be in the crowd cheering him on!


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Photos by Terry Westbrook

Kent County Michigan Amateur Golf Championship Tournament

here on July 11th & 12th 2009

This is the kind of real estate I prefer to all others, especially on

the weekend.  No hassles, just blue sky, green grass, and an

18 hole challenge.

I didn’t play particularly well today, but the course was in good shape, and

I had 3 new friends to share the morning round.

I took a few pictures so you can see a sampling of what this course looks like.

It is hard to believe to you are about 10-15 minutes away from downtown

Grand Rapids.

1st t

The First Tee – water on the left & right.


2nd hole(1)

The fifth hole from the right of the fairway, yes I made par.



The 2nd Green



The 14th Tee – better hit it straight or you will be in the woods.


18th green

The 18th Green


18th green w deer

Another player is out near the green, wonder if he found a stray ball.


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photos of LE Kaufman Golf Course by Terry Westbrook

Watermark Country Club in Cascade Township has a wonderful pool facility.

We are not members but being members of the golf course we are allowed

to use the facility several times a year at a small charge.

Yesterday was POOL DAY!!   Our grandson, Jeffy is up from Indianapolis for

his yearly “Grandparents Camp Week” with us. The pool is one of his favorite

places to go.

It was in the eighties and humid—perfect pool weather, even though the

clouds looked menacing.  We had tried on Monday but got rained out before

we could get wet. The pool staff keeps  a sharp eye on the weather and closes

the pool if a storm threatens. Watermark has lunch available poolside and

we had hamburgers and a hotdog to keep our energy up for the big day.

We took a couple of pictures, so you can see what a great place it is.

view of pools

This is a shot of both pools, the adult pool with slide tower in back, and

the kid’s pool in front. There is a putting range behind the storage

building in the background for the kids to use.

kids pool

The kids pool is THE MOST popular area – a small slide, 2 water shooting

animals to ride,and the dumping pails tower in the center make this fun

for big and little children.

lunch area

The pool house has a men’s and women’s locker room with showers,

toilets and changing stations.  An additional restroom is located close

to the pool. Grilled burgers and other lunch favorites are available until

the pool closes at 8 pm.

sand & play structure

The sand box is a draw for big and little children.  A small play structure, a

large play fort with slide, and a swing set are all set in this huge sand box.

Jeffy is on the right heading for the water spigot, he is excavating a water

trench with buckets and shovels.

TW at the driving range

That’s me taking a few swings at the driving range – just over the fence

from the pool.

The Watermark Residences

The Grille at Watermark

Watermark Country Club

If you would like further information about Forest Hills Homes, please

contact me directly:  1-888-240-1968

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Photos of Watermark pool area by Bonnie Westbrook

Crystal Springs Development in Caledonia, MI is a large, residential

suburban housing development that was started in the late 1980’s and

most construction was finished in the 1990’s although some newer homes

have been built since 2000. There are also a few vacant lots left to develop.

This development covers a large area around the Crystal Springs Golf Course

grounds south of 68th Street to 72nd Street and encompassing Kalamazoo

Avenue on the east and west.  This development has single family homes and

 condos, many located right on the Crystal Springs Golf Course. (See related

article on the acquisition of Crystal Springs Golf Club)

The public school system is Kentwood, even though the address is Caledonia.

Crystal Springs is close to the shopping plaza at 68th and Kalamazoo,

Kentwood High School, and a short hop to M-6, which is the south beltline for

 the Greater Grand Rapids area connecting US 131 on the west and I96 on the

 east side of the city.


birdhouse in tree

                          September 2008 Real Estate

                          Residential Market Report

                        Crystal Springs Neighborhood

                       29 For Sale, 2 Pending, 17 Sold

Address                Price     Sq Ft  $/SqFt  DOM


1424 Silver Springs    219,900   2544    86.43     95

1285 68th St             159,900   2349    68.07      7

1481 Crystal Valley    299,900   2270   132.11    52

6958 Fairway Vista     169,900   1504   112.96   163

7535 Barn Swallow Ct 169,900   1516   112.07   119

1931 Hollow Creek    184,900    2000     92.45  171

6950 Kalamazoo       189,900   1765   107.59   150

6892 Crystal View      199,900   1714   116.62     86

1634 Sweet Grass      199,900   2000     99.95   164

2026 Blackmountain   219,000  2112    103.69     8

7211 Meadowgrass    229,900   2164    106.23   142

1563 Old Lantern Ct   234,900  2402      97.79   228

7450 Missoula Dr       207,609   2736     75.88   239

7439 Stillwater Dr      449,900   3200     140.59    18      

7320 Old Lantern       249,900  2016     123.95     46

1845 Hollow Creek     224,900  2000     114.95    101

7277 Misty Morning   259,900 2270      114.49  171                                                                                                                             

7272 Misty Morning    275,000  2386     115.25   160

7036 Crystal View       279,000  1683     165.77  150

7368 Old Lantern       279,900   2390    117.11  170

7394 Old Lantern       289,000   3100     93.22    49

7387 Old Lantern       289,900   2875   100.83     45 

7096 Summit Hill       299,900   3022     99.23    23 

7095 Crystal View       315,000  2555    123.28   95

7350 Old Lantern       349,900   3031   115.44    53

1907 Landoshire Ct    214,900   1820   118.07     36

6882 Crystal View       249,000   1806   137.87     41

1438 Silver Springs    289,900    2628   110.31     25

7350 Heather Rdg      350,000    3500   100.00    28



2078 Eaststone St     169,900   1924     88.36     84

1588 Crystalline Dr    104,900   1620    64.70    148



1361 68th St             226,500   1771  134.10    182

1460 Crystal Valley    213,000  2652       90.12    85

6950 Old Lantern Dr   145,100    2671     54.32    6

2086 Eaststone          145,500   1644     88.50    46

2116 Glen Canyon      153,000   1368    110.38   47

7377 Misty View Ct      161,000   1407    114.42  104

1776 Spring Meadow    165,900  1592    103.95  102

7193 Meadowgrass      166,500   1536   108.39    30

7079 Old Lantern Dr    175,000   2135     81.96     8

7561 Barn Swallow      178,000    1189    149.70   88

7458 Misty View  Ct     219,000   2112    103.69   36

7474 Old Lantern Dr    270,000   2500    108.00   40

7361 KingsCrossingCt  280,500   3220      87.11   71

1370 KingsCrossingDr  390,000   4954     78.72   105

7350 Royal Ridge      335,000   3900     85.89    77

7429 Old Lantern Dr   298,000   3800    78.42     77

7222 Crystal Stone    155,900   1504   103.65     48


550 homes have sold so far this year in the Kentwood

School District and the average price is $121,303.


If you would like additional information about Caledonia

or Kentwood Homes, please contact me directly at

1-888-240-1968 ext 0

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photo of birdhouse by Bonnie Westbrook


If you are a golf addict like me, you will be watching the Ryder Cup this


My friend and Watermark Golf Pro, Mark Wilson, will be the Chief Referee –

 The Big CheeseThe Ultimate Decider – concerning the rules of the game

of golf.  Mark, along with team captains, Paul Azinger and Nick Faldo, have

formed the “captain’s agreement,” a document that covers several

contingencies:  the sealed envelopes with the lineups, the pace of play,

 and local rules on the host course, among other things.  Mark has

officiated at the Ryder Cup before, but not as Chief Referee.

The Ryder Cup is one of the golf world’s most prestigious tournaments.

 It pits an European team and an United States team against each other. 

Europe & The United States each put together their “dream team”  to win

 the Ryder Cup.

Europe won in 2006, the United States last won in 1999, so are anxious to

reclaim the Cup.  “It elevates the game and makes each player more intense

because they are playing for the team, not themselves” says Chief Rules

Official Mark Wilson. 


Mark Wilson, Chief PGA Rules Official Ryder Cup 2008

Mark Wilson, Chief PGA Rules Official Ryder Cup 2008

 Mark has officiated at other major tournaments, such as

The Masters, The British Open, and other PGA Tournaments since 1990.

The Ryder Cup Tournament takes place at Valhalla Golf Club,

Louisville, Kentucky this weekend.  Hurricane Ike has dumped a

storm on the Louisville area on Sunday and they are scrambling to

clear the course of debris before the first ball is teed up.  Power was

still out in the area last nite as the Ryder Cup teams flew into the airport

to prepare for the big event.  Let’s hope they have power restored in

time to put this event on the air.  Opening ceremonies at at 4 pm

Thursday EST will be broadcast on the Golf Channel. 

All of us here at Watermark Country Club in Grand Rapids Michigan

will be watching and keeping an eye out for our Pro, Mark Wilson,

to make a rules decision.

Grand Rapids Ada Real Estate   Copyright 2008 All rights reserved

Mark Wilson photo courtesy of Watermark Country Club website

Once you have played this course, you understand why they named it

 “Thousand Oaks Golf Club”. I had the chance to play this course the

other day and leaped at the opportunity.

What a treat!  Located north of Grand Rapids at Five Mile near the

Grand River, this course wraps around literally thousands of

oak trees. Which makes for a gorgeous nature outing this time of year.

Golf Digest rated this Rees Jones designed course one of the 25 best

courses to play in Michigan.

This course is quite deceptive. Because it fluctuates in elevation, you

might need a few more strokes to get up to the hole, or a little less

club if the green is down hill. All I can say is: don’t go in the woods,

or you will be reaching in your bag for a new ball.

What I didn’t know is that they have a Golf Academy, where PGA Golf

Master Instructor, Charles Vandenberg with the aid of state of the

 art facilities can analyze your swing or putting stroke. Then they give

you a Dvd to take home with lesson plans to  improve your game.

I took a few pictures so you could get an idea of what the course looks like:


First Hole

First Hole

The first hole with the Clubhouse in the background.


View of a fairway

View of a fairway

An elevated tee with the green nestled in the trees.


Green with oak trees surrounding

Green with oak trees surrounding

A fairly tight green with trees and bunkers waiting for your ball.


Golf Academy

Golf Academy

The front entrance to the Golf Academy.


Practice Range

Practice Range

The practice range behind the Golf Academy.


Thousand Oaks Clubhouse

Thousand Oaks Clubhouse

The Thousand Oaks Clubhouse and Restaurant


Statues of Children Golfing near the entrance

Statues of Children Golfing near the entrance

Bronze statues of children golfing near the entrance.

Westbrook Realty Grand Rapids Real Estate

Photos by Terry Westbrook

We have known Mark Wilson since the late 1970’s, when he first became

 the golf pro at Hickory Hills Golf Club or was it Forest Hills Golf? Lots of things

 have changed at our course but he hasn’t changed a bit, he is still the

friendliest, most professional golf pro we have ever known.

Mark is going to be inducted into the Grand Rapids Sports Hall of

fame on Aug 21, 2008.  An honor Mark has well earned.

Let me tell you a little about Mark’s accomplishments.  He is a Michigan native

and has resided in Grand Rapids since graduating from college. He is also a

Rhodes scholar, lest you think golfers aren’t cerebral.

Mark has been fascinated and personally involved in the PGA Rules of Golf

for as long as I can remember.  These days you might see him on TV standing

next to Phil Mickelson or Tiger Woods at any premier PGA event and

giving some unwelcome news about his golf ball and/or penalty strokes. 

You see, Mark is the Chairman of the PGA of America Rules Committee

He travels around the world to PGA golf events to be available for a ruling.

Be aware if you ask a question about the rules, he will quote the page number

 or decision rendered about your question.

Members at Watermark have tried for years to stump Mark but we finally have

given up. When you see him, ask  “When was the last time you played

golf?   With all his duties he seldom has the time. Maybe after this year when

his term as chair of the PGA rules expires.


An excerpt from the Watermark Newsletter about Mark:


Mark Wilson, our Head Professional, has served the

membership of Watermark Country Club for over 25

Years.  He is responsible for overseeing the total golf

operation at Watermark.  His exceptional attention to

detail has produced years of quality and consistency

in both our regular and tournament play.  Mark is

currently the chairman of the PGA of America Rules

Committee.  He has served at all the PGA Tour major tournaments, several

European Tour tournaments as well as every Ryder Cup since 1995. Our

membership is proud to have him as our pro and look forward to many more

years with him in that role.



Grand Rapids Sports Hall of Fame

The Residences at Watermark are on and near Watermark Golf

Course  off Cascade Road.   If you don’t like golf, or like to look

at a well manicured course, or get defensive when a stray ball rolls

 into your “yard” you probably would be better off not buying a

home or condo here. Of course you would be missing out on the

best golf course in Grand Rapids (no prejudice here, just the facts,


Yes, I play Watermark golf course every chance I get. It is a

premier course with a friendly group of players.

The Single family homes and Condos make this a very attractive

place to live. There is access off Cascade Road and Spaulding Drive,

 you are close to the airport, close to 28th Street shopping, close to

 I96 expressway and close to Cascade, Ada, and Forest Hills

schools and shopping areas.

watermark residences entrance cascade mi

Watermark Residences July 2008 Market Report

          2 Sold, 3 Pending, 8 For Sale


Address                  Status        Price         Sq Ft    $/Sq Ft    DOM

1991 Talamore Ct  For Sale    475,000   1908     248.95      38

1664 Watermark  For Sale    459,900    2085    220.57     177

2020 Watermark   For Sale   525,000    2130    246.47     152

2064 Watermark  For Sale    559,900    3423    163.56     124

1803 Watermark  For Sale    599,000    2958    202.50     173

2201 Watermark   For Sale   625,000    3137    199.23     125

1969 Watermark  For Sale    724,900    3720    194.86     171

1908 Talamore Ct  Pending   499,900    2115     236.35       10

2093 Stickley Dr.  Pending    465,000    1908     243.71    116                                          

2202 Watermark  Pending    449,000    2860     156.99      85

2024 Feathery Ct.   SOLD      525,000     3146     166.87    103

2096 Watermark    SOLD      650,000     2388     272.19      79 


If you would like further information about Cascade Homes,

please contact me directly. 


Terry Westbrook  – Five Star Real Estate – Copyright 2008  All rights reserved

photo of Watermark Residences Entrance by Bonnie Westbrook

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