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If you are considering selling your home, please do your homework!

I mean this literally.  Your To-Do List needs to be completed before

you put your home up for sale.

Homes that are in good condition, super duper clean, and have an

attractive street appearance are MUCH more likely to sell than the

average listed home.

Other people want to be able to imagine themselves in your home,

not imagine themselves working every weekend to get the trim

painted, get the front door replaced, and take care of the landscaping.

If your window trim looks like this – you need to scrape it and



Window trim in need of paint



First with primer, tinted to match your paint[ a little painters

secret, if you have the primer tinted a lighter shade of your trim

color, the final coat will cover better than over white and you can

see just where you have painted ]

This window looks like it could use new caulking around the glass, too.

All these little items really make a difference to a buyer. If you ignore the

little things about home maintenance, you probably will ignore the big things.


Be sure that your front door is freshly painted, and the approach to your

home is free of leaves, clutter, and attractive. Trim your lawn edgings, fill

flower pots or boxes, make sure your beds are weeded or have fresh mulch.

You don’t want to lose your buyer’s interest before they even get in the door.


Evanston doorway


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