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I feel like George Jetson is moving to Michigan. I just read a Treehugger article

about a new magnetic train proposed for Michigan in a Detroit to Lansing run. 

 It will be a magnetic train powered by solar and hydrogen. Wow, the Jetsons

seemed so out there when we were younger but all those far fetched ideas are

becoming everyday reality; such as smart machines, exercise machines,

robotic household help, and the visual phone.  We don’t have a talking dog

 or fly to work yet but who knows, anything is possible.

Talking dog?

Talking dog?

The magnetic train system would be built along I96 expressway. It would

stop at local exits for commuters to get off and  drive home or just have a

 refreshment break from traveling.  The rail would include fiber optic cables

for communication.  All this is proposed to be built with private funds and

powered by hydrogen and solar power.  I am not sure when this is supposed

to be started but the announcement alone is a glimpse into our future.

Transportation is changing and I am not surprised that Michigan will be at

the forefront of these significant changes. 

Would you ride in a magnetic train if it were available to you?

Magnetic Train Proposed: Detroit To Lansing Michigan – Hydrogen and Solar Energy Powered : TreeHugger


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