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The First Wok Restaurant at 6740 Old 28th Street in the heart of Cascade

is one of our favorite lunch spots.  We enjoy the pleasant surroundings,

the smiling service, but most of all, we love the food.

We aren’t adventurous when it comes to foreign specialties but we

have eaten Chinese cuisine for years all over the US. First Wok is the

best Chinese restaurant we have been to in the Grand Rapids area.

The egg drop soup is not just a few morsels swimming in broth, it is

chock full of vegetables, shrimp, and seasoned just right. A perfect

appetizer for most people, it can be almost a whole meal, along with

an eggroll.

Since we aren’t big fans of hot, spicy foods we can’t testify directly

for those dishes, although our friends seem to like them.  We can say

we get lots of freshly cooked Chinese dinners, served with flair.  If you

haven’t been to First Wok, you should give it a try.  Note: there are

other First Wok locations in Grand Rapids, sadly, these don’t come up

to the standards we experienced at the restaurant in Cascade.


We snapped a few photos of the interior when we were at lunch last week.

First Wok Cascade MI set for lunch

interior of restaurant First Wok Cascade MI

booths First Wok Cascade MI

We have received no remuneration or compensation for our review of

First Wok Restaurant.


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The Real Food Cafe is THE REAL DEAL! We probably go there for lunch at

least once a week. They only serve breakfast and lunch but it is better than

my Mom made. Their breakfasts are almost legendary. They serve

breakfast anytime and what a breakfast…..the home fries are just too

delicious to describe.


Grill & Rosie at work



The pancakes are made with real buttermilk, fresh eggs and served with real

butter.  Below is the picture of my two eggs scrambled and home fries.


real food eggs & home fries

The home made soups are always delicious.  The burgers are 1/3 lb. of

Angus beef.  The sandwiches are huge and  definitely satisfying.

The omelets are mouth-watering.

home baked goodies real food cafe

The baked goods such as cookies, cakes and pies are all home made on site

and worth sacrificing the diet for.    The crew and wait staff are all friendly and

genuinely happy at work.  It just makes you feel good to be there. It is

always full of people eating “real food” and enjoying themselves.

Rosie at Real Foods


One of our favorite people at Real Food  is “Rosie.”  She has known

the chef, Frank, since  he was a little boy and is always busy seating

people, getting drinks, and generally bustling around with a friendly

word and smile to all.

They have recently expanded and added an additional location:

Real Food Cafe

at 5430 Northland Dr. NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525  



If you  like  “real food made with real ingredients by real  people,”

this is the place to go.   

 Real Food Cafe Grand Rapids Mi

       We are there often, so we hope to see you , too.   

The Real Food Cafe   2419 Eastern Ave.

Grand Rapids MI 49507     (616)241-4080



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We were referred to this new restaurant downtown Grand Rapids

by our  friends, John & Betsy, who live in Heritage Hill.  They met us

for lunch at Taquitos a couple of times.

Taquitos is located at Division Ave in the old Herkimer Hotel at

the corner of Division and Cherry streets.  We really liked the way

the building was remodeled, it still has the ambiance of an old bar

and restaurant that existed there years ago but with current flair

and lots of light.  No dark and dingy digs here.  We also liked the

food and the service.  We want to encourage the redevelopment

going on in this Heartside District of Grand Rapids

A few years ago, this area was populated mainly by homeless

people and shelters.

Taquitos is located in the bottom of the old Herkimer Hotel Building

at the corner of Division  and Goodrich.  The Heartside District is

growing into a local "arts community" and we  welcome new

businesses like Taquitos.

Now that you have some background, we can get down to

the good stuff……the food.  Authentic Mexican fare at Taquitos,

a clean, friendly restaurant with great food.  We love Mexican food,

the more authentic, the better. Mole is on the menu, which is

seldom seen outside of Mexico.  Since it was a hot day, we went

for a chicken burrito and the chicken salad. The chicken salad had

a light lime vinagrette and was delicious, according to Bonnie.  The

chicken burrito was good also, lots of chicken and it was available

with sauce or without.  They serve hot tortilla chips and a mild salsa

for an appetizer.  Our waitress was smiling and happy to wait on us.

Here are a few pictures of Taquitos.    We will be back for sure!

Taquitos Mexican Grill 327 Division Ave S Grand Rapids, MI 49503-

(616) 336-9300

Taquitos restaurant Grand Rapids MI

Taquitos restaurant Grand Rapids MI

Taquitos restaurant Grand Rapids MI

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Photos by Terry Westbrook

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We are out on the road often to photograph listings, show listings, and

present offers. It is a perfect opportunity to discover local businesses and

give them a try.  We would rather go to a local diner than a chain restaurant.

If we see a lot of trucks from local contractors at a restaurant, we can be

sure the food is good and there is lots of it for the price.

We found just such a place when we were in Dutton recently.  We drove by

Lynda’s Diner in Dutton and stopped to have lunch.

Dutton MI

Dutton is a very small village on the south eastern border of the Grand

Rapids area on 68th Street.  Downtown Dutton Michigan with

The Dutton General Store in background.

Lynda's Diner Dutton MI

Lynda’s Diner is located at 3555 68th St SE Dutton Michigan

Lynda's Diner Dutton MI

Inside the Diner

Lynda's Diner Dutton MI

We got there early and it slowly filled up with local people out for lunch.  They

serve breakfast all day and lots of sandwiches, burgers, Mexican, Dinners, and

they have a Buffet Bar with salads and specials that was very busy the day we

were there.  We had friendly wait staff and a good meal without spending

mucho dollars.

If you would like to live in or near Dutton, please give me a call to assist you in

buying or selling a Dutton home.  We would go back to Lynda’s again anytime

we are in Dutton and getting hungry.

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photos by Bonnie Westbrook

We received no remuneration for our recommendation of Lynda’s Diner in Dutton Michigan.

We have created a photo tour of Lowell, Michigan.

Lowell is a small community on the Flat River, about 25

miles from Grand Rapids. Since Lowell is right next door

to us, we find ourselves visiting often.

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Photos by Bonnie Westbrook

Cannonsburg Michigan is a small community northwest of Grand

Rapids. It is included in the Forest Hills School District and has had

growth in residential housing in the last ten years. There are many

elite homes built in this area because of the natural scenery,

prestigious public school system, and proximity to downtown Grand

Rapids. The small village of Cannonsburg has a long history, as

evidenced by the historic buildings which comprise the commercial

hub of the village today.

Honeycreek Inn Side best SM 

First, and our personal favorite, is The HoneyCreek Inn, pictured

above. We have been enjoying the casual atmosphere and the

wonderful food at the Honeycreek Inn for over 30 years. It bills itself

as "This Pub under Polish-Irish Management – Be Patient." Whatever

nationality your roots are planted in, this is a great place to eat! The

bar has select brews on tap and "The Daily Special" is always worth


Grist Mill Cafe Cannonsburg MI

The Grist Mill, pictured above, is a recent addition to

Cannonsburg, although the original building is one of the original

businesses, as noted by its name. The Grist Mill has a fabulous Deli &

Bakery, a lunch room where you can order a meal, a quick stop

grocery, and gas pumps on the side. Everything today’s

Cannonsburg neighbors might need. It is always busy and you can’t

get a better quick lunch anywhere.

Cannonsburg Bottle Shop SM

The Bottle Shop is a beer, wine, and liquor emporium that serves the

Cannonsburg area. This building was the original general store for

generations. If you have a hankering for some liquid refreshment,

this is the spot to go in Cannonsburg.

Historical Museum sm

This building houses The Cannonsburg Historical Museum.

Cannonsburg was founded in 1842, that is 167 years of local history.

We will have to make a special trip to see the local history preserved


Cannonsburg ski area sign

The last big attraction in Cannonsburg is the first for many in our

area – Cannonsburg Ski Area. This is one of the only local ski areas,

the other being Pando, which is smaller.  Their website has a

Webcam, with real time pictures of the conditions.


Cannonsburg Ski Hill

As you can see, a nice sunny day in February, the slopes are far

from empty. The Cannonsburg Ski Area has a large open air concert

area that is used in the summer for Grand Rapids Symphony

Presentations, such as the July 4th Pops Concert which is a local

favorite. Our small tour is over, but towns like Cannonsburg are a

vital part of our Greater Grand Rapids Area.

We have many small towns and villages that have big attractions for

for the West Michigan travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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Photos by Bonnie Westbrook

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The Thornapple Daily Grill is located at 445 Ada Drive, Ada, MI.  It is nestled in the back of a commercial development on the banks of the Thornapple River in the heart of Ada and less than 10 minutes from downtown Grand Rapids.  The Daily Grill is now part of The Gilmore Collection, a group who owns and operates many restaurants in our area.                

  The Daily Grill Ada MI real estate information blog

 This restaurant boasts a wonderful bar, several dining rooms with different views, an intimate wine cellar, and outside dining on the patio in summer. Serving lunch or dinner, this restaurant has been a favorite of ours for over 25 years.  

                     The Daily Grill Ada MI real estate information blog







We were first introduced to White Chicken Chili here and the TBA sandwich, both favorites of ours. The menu offers simple fare and also complex delights…….always delicious.  The wine list always has something to offer that is new. The chef prepares dishes with locally grown products which is a plus for us. We live in a diverse agricultural area and there are many small farms supplying food to our local restaurants and populace.

 The Daily Grill Ada MI real estate information blog

We have many memories of dinners, lunches, and good times with friends at this local eatery. Please try it if you  are in our area.  Look around, I might be sitting near by enjoying some chili and a night out with friends.





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photos by Bonnie Westbrook

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 The Grille is the closest restaurant to us and because I am at the golf course A LOT, we eat here on a pretty regular basis. I usually have the chicken salad but my wife always gets the lake perch. She says they are the best lake perch she has ever orderd, bar none. Believe me, she has tried lake perch all over, even in Switzerland.

Note: They don’t serve the Lake Perch anymore April 2009

                       the grille at watermark country club cascade mi real estate information


                               pizza oven at the grille watermark cc cascade real estate information

 They have a great casual menu, you can eat at the bar or on the patio (weather permitting). And the dining room serves a list of wonderful entrees. They recently put in a wood fired pizza oven, which offers 7 different types plus a build-your-own, so you can get pizza just as you like it and hot from the oven.

                          the grille at watermark cascade mi

 In the larger dining room, views of the golf course are seen from this bank of windows. The blazing  fireplace can’t be seen on this picture, it is just to my left. The bar and lounge is behind this fireplace area with lounge chairs that cozy up to the fire, so nice on a cold winter’s night. 

watermark entrance cascade mi rea estate information

Large banquet rooms are straight ahead in the photo above.  Two smaller banquet or private party rooms are just off the lounge and entrance area in the photo on the right. 




Chef Eric Chatlin says: Food is sustenance for the soul and body. Here at The Grille we focus on providing the highest quality fresh ingredients, presented in an artistically pleasing wasy. I buy many foods locally and seasonally. Our menu changes with the seasons and with the foods that are available through local farmers. By purchasing locally, we are supporting our community and enjoying the freshest produce and meats Michigan can offer.

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I have received no value or consideration for advertising The Watermark Grille on my blog or for my testimonial.

Photos by Bonnie Westbrook

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