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We all like to take a stroll down memory lane.  This video shows Michigan

back before our childhood days. It was filmed in 1949 as part of James A.

Fitzpatrick’s Travel Talks.  Take a look at our bathing beauties, the “Bear

Man” and our stunning Michigan scenery. 


The areas shown have grown and changed but the appeal of 

Michigan is still being promoted to tourists today.  And they come by

the thousands to see our unique treasures, such as Sleeping Bear Dunes

on Lake Michigan.  This area is now a National Park and dune buggies

are prohibited on the fragile dune landscape.


 Mackinaw Island has attracted people since early times, the original

residents here in Michigan; the Ojibwa, the French, the English, and

tourists have been coming here since Victorian times.




Thanks for visiting  with us in Michigan along this vintage highway

to the past.  We hope you decide to visit us in person real soon.



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Movie-making has been going strong in Grand Rapids,

Michigan this summer.  We have been on a movie set

as extras in a major motion picture filming here in

Grand Rapids and Lowell.

The generous tax incentives that Michigan has offered the

film industry to make their films here is starting to pay off.

Local caterers, local actors, and local crew are being hired

for the filming of The Genesis Code, a hockey themed

movie starring Academy Award winners, Ernest Borgnine

& Louise Fletcher ( Nurse Ratched fame), and former

Presidential candidate, Fred Thompson.



Follow the yellow sign


The production company needed a hundred + extras for

a scene in a church.  We are in the pews, singing (actually

miming the words only) and listening to the sermon. 

Not tough work, for sure, although it was a warm summer

day, no air-conditioning, a church full of people & lights,

and we  were dressed in winter clothes for a Christmas scene.

The magic of movies.  We noted fake snow around the

small pond, too, when we walked out for lunch.


The whole production was fascinating to observe.  We were

made comfortable in a nearby lounge at Calvin College,

until we were lined up and put in the chapel pews.  The art

of film was evident at close inspection.  Stained glass windows

were in the front to the chapel.  The art dept had made paper

to fit the side windows that matched the stained glass up front,

mainly to control the amount of light coming in.


The crew and production staff were always busy and

bustling around.  Everyone seemed to have a walkie-talkie

and an ear-bud to keep connected and keep the production

flowing smoothly.  They all seemed to possess the talent of

listening and talking to more than 1 person at a time.


About an hour of filming the same scene each time, from

different angles, and 10 hours later, we were done!  Our

scene will probably be about 3-4 minutes in length.  I have

a whole new appreciation for a film crew and what it takes

to make a full length feature.

We were given a box lunch and treats in between.  No pay

but we might just make it through editing and be in a major

motion picture.

Here are a few pictures from our seat in the ”extra” spot. 

I don’t imagine the film crew gets their picture taken very often.



We might be going to one of the hockey arena shoots this

weekend.  It is nearby but they are filming from 5pm to 5am.

Not sure we can make it through that time frame – even if

we sleep in our seats!!


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