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It is spring and the home improvement train is chugging along.

Especially for people that are staying in their home, by choice

or economic necessity.  A home improvement project can be top on

the list of things to do.  So, how do you determine if it is a

cost that is reasonable for your budget or even a smart thing

to do?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a ball park figure before

you call the contractor.


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As usual, the web is here to help you.

HGTV has a Local Cost estimator for home improvement projects

that will estimate a project in your local area.  Costs do vary by

location, so remember this is just a guess-timate.  If you want

marble tile or $500 faucets, the cost of your new bath can

escalate quickly.

Here is another site that might be helpful in your process of

home improvement decisions.  The DIY Network has a remodeling

Budget Estimator that covers frequently asked questions.  It

is always helpful to get as much information as possible to aid

in your decision making process.

Viewing these home improvements from a Realtor’s viewpoint,

some projects will make your home more attractive but will they

make it more valuable to a buyer?  Check out Realtor Magazine’s

                          Cost vs Value 2008 Report

to see if that new bath will add to the value of your home before

you spend your hard earned money.


It might be worth while to you as a family no matter what the

payback if you sell your home in the future.  It might not, too.

For example, if you know that your job will probably be

transferred in a year or two, do you really want to put $40K in

a new bathroom?  Will you get any payback for this when you


The Top Five Remodeling Project Paybacks:

1. Upscale fiber cement siding (86.7%)

2. Midrange wood deck (81.8%)

3. Midrange vinyl siding (80.7%)

4. Upscale foam-backed vinyl (80.4%)

5. Midrange minor kitchen remodel (79.5%


Exterior projects that improve curb appeal are leading the list.

What will your home improvement project be this summer?


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