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         We have gathered a list of the TOP Caledonia Michigan Houses

        to buy, based on price per square foot.

Please note that this list can change daily as some homes

sell, prices are adjusted and other homes come on the market.

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up-to-date local real estate information that you want to know.

SM Autumn wreath on front door

The total square footage is noted here, although only the

main floors are used to figure price per square foot.

Lowest price/Sq Ft range from $57.60 to $88.08 in Caledonia.

November 2009   TOP BEST BUY Caledonia MI Homes

Highest list price is $292,080 Lowest list price is $59,900

The Top 29 Caledonia Homes to Buy by Price per Sq Foot:

8776 Morse Lake Ave  $ 59,900    1040 Sq Ft   $ 57.60 /SqFt

6937 McCords Ave       $59,900     1032 Sq Ft   $58.04/SqFt

8585 Acorn Ave SE      $87,900     1282 Sq Ft   $68.56/SqFt

3940 68th St SE          $ 89,900     2247 Sq Ft   $76.45/SqFt

6977 Hammond Ave    $100,000    1950 Sq Ft   $65.88/SqFt

4249 92nd St              $104,900     1632 Sq Ft    $64.28/SqFt

7221 Kettle Lake Dr    $106,900     1782 Sq Ft   $59.99/SqFt

6499 Belay Point Dr    $129,900     2200 Sq Ft   $85.91/SqFt   

5780 68th St SE          $130,000     1777 Sq Ft   $73.16/SqFt

6606 Buttrick Ave        $139,876     2674 Sq Ft   $88.08/SqFt

213 Johnson St SE       $134,900    1942 SqFt   $69.46/SqFt

9628 Morse Lake Ave   $ 144,900    2751 Sq Ft  $61.66SqFt

209 Terrace SE             $144,900     1650 Sq Ft  $87.82/SqFt

1648 Crescent Pointe   $149,900     2047 Sq Ft  $73.23/SqFt

8544 Haystack Rd         $156,750     1872 Sq Ft   $ 83.73/SqFt

1616 Crescent Pointe   $158,500     2174 Sq Ft  $72.91/SqFt

6101 N. Costner Ct        $169,900    1926 Sq Ft   $88.21/SqFt

6634 Glen Hollow          $169,900     3846 Sq Ft   $80.98/SqFt

327 Johnson St            $178,500     3000 Sq Ft  $59.50/SqFt

8845 Whitneyville Ave  $179,800    3000 Sq Ft   $81.73/SqFt

7607 Golf Meadows Dr  $186,900    3200 Sq Ft   $84.95/SqFt

7328 Patterson Ave     $190,000     3227 Sq Ft   $76.71/SqFt

8706 Alaska Ave SE      $194,900     3121 Sq Ft   $62.45/SqFt

323 Johnson St            $239,900    3800 Sq Ft    $82.92/SqFt

9555 Kraft Ave SE        $249,000      3216 Sq Ft  $77.43/SqFt

10441 E Rivershore Dr  $271,950    3095 Sq Ft   $87.87/SqFt

2947 92nd St SE           $285,000    4158 Sq Ft    $68.54/SqFt

8860 Vincent Ave SE   $292,080    4272 Sq Ft    $69.54/SqFt

We are starting to see prices creep up and inventory go

down, so if you have been waiting for the best time to

buy in Caledonia, don’t wait much longer.

*Some of these homes may be bank owned foreclosures and

not habitable as is or available for a mortgage in present condition.*

Caledonia Michigan Real Estate

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We have gathered a list of the top East Grand Rapids Houses to buy

based on price per square foot. Please note that this list can change daily

as some homes sell, prices are adjusted and other homes come on the

market. Price per square foot is a great leveler. If two similar homes are

listed at similar prices, their price per square foot should be similar.

It should reflect the interior finish of the home. For example, if it has

crystal chandeliers, marble tile, a new kitchen, this would be more per

square foot than a home that still has the 1970’s decor and/or

is in derelict condition.



 Tree at EGR gaslight village

The total square footage is noted here, although only the main floors

are used to figure price per square foot.

November 2009 – 15 TOP BEST BUY East Grand Rapids Homes

Lowest price/Sq Ft range from $54.86 to $117.77

Highest List Price -  $ 349,700

Lowest List Price -  $ 89,900

The Top East GR Homes to Buy by Price per Square Foot:

729 Gladstone DrSE    $  89,900      800 Sq Ft   $112.38/SqFt

2258 Lake Dr SE         $155,000    2261 Sq Ft   $68.55/SqFt

430 Rosewood Ave    $159,900    2650 Sq Ft   $73.72/SqFt

428 Edgemere Dr       $164,900   3006 Sq Ft   $54.86/SqFt

1646 Robinson Rd      $164,900    3171 Sq Ft   $52.00/SqFt


159 El Centro Blvd      $164,900    1848 Sq Ft   $89.23/SqFt

2752 Robinson Rd      $169,900   1532 Sq Ft    $110.90/SqFt

348 Gladstone Dr       $174,900    1775 Sq Ft   $98.54/SqFt

2150 Anderson Dr      $209,000    3322 Sq Ft   $75.29/SqFt

3030 Cascade Rd       $209,900     3000 Sq Ft   $111.77/SqFt


147 El Centro Blvd    $215,000     2318 Sq Ft   $108.48/SqFt

1401 Pinecrest Ave   $220,000    2350 Sq Ft   $103.97/SqFt

529 Rosewood Ave    $265,000   3045 Sq Ft    $87.03/SqFt

2305 Wilshire Dr       $279,900    3000 Sq Ft    $112.59/SqFt

1401 Breton Rd        $349,700     3873 Sq Ft   $102.85/SqFt


The bargains are still here but not as many as last month here in

East Grand Rapids this fall.   Only one home under $100K (it is under

1000 square feet) has been listed for the past 6 months.

If you have been waiting for the right time to buy, don’t wait much

longer.  We are seeing definite signs of competition for homes in most

areas, like East Grand Rapids and Forest Hills. Homes in good condition

and priced appropriately are selling quickly. 


*Some of these homes may be bank owned foreclosures and not habitable

as is or available for a mortgage in present condition.*

East GR  Real Estate Market Blogs

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                       Where Something Good is Always Cooking   

                           Breakfast ~ Lunch~ Take-Out ~ Bakery  

The Real Food Cafe is THE REAL DEAL! We probably go there for lunch at

least once a week. They only serve breakfast and lunch but it is better than

my Mom made. Their breakfasts are almost legendary. They serve

breakfast anytime and what a breakfast…..the home fries are just too

delicious to describe.


Grill & Rosie at work



The pancakes are made with real buttermilk, fresh eggs and served with real

butter.  Below is the picture of my two eggs scrambled and home fries.


real food eggs & home fries

The home made soups are always delicious.  The burgers are 1/3 lb. of

Angus beef.  The sandwiches are huge and  definitely satisfying.

The omelets are mouth-watering.

home baked goodies real food cafe

The baked goods such as cookies, cakes and pies are all home made on site

and worth sacrificing the diet for.    The crew and wait staff are all friendly and

genuinely happy at work.  It just makes you feel good to be there. It is

always full of people eating “real food” and enjoying themselves.

Rosie at Real Foods


One of our favorite people at Real Food  is “Rosie.”  She has known

the chef, Frank, since  he was a little boy and is always busy seating

people, getting drinks, and generally bustling around with a friendly

word and smile to all.

They have recently expanded and added an additional location:

Real Food Cafe

at 5430 Northland Dr. NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525  



If you  like  “real food made with real ingredients by real  people,”

this is the place to go.   

 Real Food Cafe Grand Rapids Mi

       We are there often, so we hope to see you , too.   

The Real Food Cafe   2419 Eastern Ave.

Grand Rapids MI 49507     (616)241-4080



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We love to try new places to eat, especially for lunch. But Marie

Catrib’s in the East Hills neighborhood of Grand Rapids is an old

favorite.  We have friends, John & Betsy who live in Heritage Hill

and Marie’s is a great place to meet.

The atmosphere is cozy and warm.  The restaurant is always busy.

And the food is unusual and delicious.  I prefer the vegetarian,

local products, my spouse prefers traditional fare. At Marie’s,

both of us are happy with the selections.

On our recent visit, I ordered the veggie Sweet Potato and

Quinoa burger [heavenly and huge] while my pard ordered the

Turkey Rueben [messy but delish].

Outside of bldg

Marie Catrib’s From the Street

Inside marie catribes restaurant

East Hills is the center of the universe.

deli goodies case at marie catribes

A take-out case is loaded with great offerings.

Marie Catrib’s is located at 1001 Lake Dr SE Grand Rapids MI


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This charming Tudor Style home will be open for the first time on Sunday

22, 209  3-5 pm. Ottawa Hills, in Grand Rapids has been a wonderful

neighborhood to live in Grand Rapids since the 1930’s. 

This quality built home has refinished hardwood floors on the main floor,

and  a fireplace in the living room for warm, crackling fires for the holidays

and into winter’s cold, snowy evenings.  It alos has a sunroom, a large kitchen,

half bath off the back entry.  A two stall garage, a backyard deck, and an attic

for storage or future expansion.



1407 Alexander SE                                             Listed at $129,900


There is a new neighbor coming in the fall of 2010: a new Christian

Elementary School.  If you lived in this home, your children could

walk to school, it is less than a block away.


Grand Rapids Christian School Under Construction in Ottawa Hills


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I took 2 hours for a sight seeing trip while in San Diego to walk through

USS Midway Museum, which was just a short walk from my hotel. I took

a few photos of the flight deck, control tower and views around the

harbor. Hope you enjoy this brief tour. 

USS Midway Museum San Diego CA

I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to see how our Navy

crews lived through WWII, Vietnam, and Desert Storm.

huey helicopter

In the Vietnam War, I flew Helicopters for the 155th Army Air Corps.

The Vietnam workhorse Huey helicopter, one very similar to what I

flew back in 1970 was on  the flight deck. During the Vietnam War,

I’m sure the USS Midway provided air cover for several of the

Missions I was involved in while serving.

USS Midway aircraft carrier runway - conning tower

The runway and conning tower of the United States’ longest

serving carrier in the 20th century.

USS Midway aircraft carrier runway

It was fascinating to learn that this ship burned 260 gallons of

oil for every mile and carried a 3.4 million gallon fuel capacity. 

The new carriers are powered by a Nuclear reactor, so refueling

isn’t a problem anymore. 

view from carrier deck

San Diego Bay

Another trivia tidbit that awed me – the USS Midway served

10 tons of food daily to the crew of 4500.  3000 potatoes and

1000 loaves of bread were served daily.

And 500 pies were served when offered. 


If you would like to see all of my photos from the trip they

are all in this video montage:




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Grand Rapids Michigan is a diverse metropolitan area comprised of

many local cities and communities that surround the city of

Grand Rapids.  The Grand Rapids metro area is the second largest

“city” in Michigan with a population around 1 million.

West Michigan is a beautiful 4 season area of Michigan that has lots

of hardwood forests, rolling hills, Lake Michigan shoreline, hundreds

of  lakes and rivers, and a thriving, diverse work environment with

educated workers.  We have 25 colleges and universities in our

area, including the new Michigan State Medical School on the

“Medical Mile” in downtown Grand Rapids with a student population

of around 32,000+ students.

GR big map w tack

Getting To Know Grand Rapids:

Since pictures speak louder than words, we have links to photos

& videos of some of our local communities:

Ada Michigan is a small community southeast of Grand Rapids with

an excellent school system and lots of suburban homes.

Caledonia Michigan is a small suburban community that has farms

and a rural setting.

East Grand Rapids is a city bordering on Grand Rapids that has

lovely older homes, an excellent school system, and excellent city services,

including community events, and over 100 miles of plowed city

sidewalks in the winter.

Kentwood Michigan is a suburban community southeast of Grand

Rapids with businesses, such as Steelcase, one of the nation’s largest

office furniture manufacturers and lots of suburban housing subdivisions,

both new and established, plus rental communities for housing options.

Lowell Michigan is a small community east of Grand Rapids with a

vibrant business community, excellent school system, and a mixture of

older homes and newer subdivisions, all centered around the Flat River.

Rockford Michigan is a small community north of Grand Rapids

on the Rogue River.  It is home to the global shoe manufacturer, Wolverine

Worldwide [Merrell, Patagonia, Harley Davidson brands], but has a small

town feeling with unique boutiques, shops, and wonderful restaurants.

Many newer homes, established subdivisions and older homes populate

the Rockford area.

Quality of Life in Grand Rapids:

Grand Rapids Michigan Rated 5th Most Affordable Housing in US

Aug 21, 2009 – CNN Money has rated the top cities in affordable housing.

Top Schools in West Michigan – 6-15-2009 – Six West Michigan public

Schools were rated in the top 1500 schools in the nation by Newsweek.

Spectrum Hospital Ranks in Nation’s Top 100

Restaurants in the Grand Rapids Area:

Good Eats – Marie Catrib’s in the East Hills Neighborhood of Grand Rapids offers

unusual fare in a friendly atmosphere.

The Thornapple Daily Grill in Ada, Michigan – March 9, 2008 –Nestled in

heart of downtown Ada near the Thornapple River, this Gilmore

Restaurant is a favorite with local patrons for lunch or dinner.

More than Tacos at Taquitos Mexican Grill – Aug 1, 20009 – Located in

the old Herkimer Hotel, no dark and dingy digs here.

First Choice for Chinese in Forest Hills = First Wok – Dec 4, 2009 – Located in

the heart of Cascade, this Chinese Restaurant is one of our favorites.

The Grille Restaurant at Watermark Country Club – March 9, 2008 –

Serving fresh local foods when possible, this restaurant is always

busy.  Whether you stop in for a business lunch or have a quick

meal after you play nine holes, you can’t go wrong here.

The Monterey Grille in Caledonia – March 9,2009 – A great local place

for breakfast or an after work get-together at the sports bar.

Recreation in Grand Rapids:

Art Prize – Sept 24, 2009 – Planned to be an annual event in Grand Rapids,

Art Prize took the city by storm this year with over $250K in prizes,

artists from all over the world bringing their art creations to GR.

Grand Rapids Griffins Hockey – May 11, 2009 – A Night at a Griffins

Play-off Game

White Caps Baseball Signals Spring – March 15, 2009 – Opening day

for the local AA Team is much anticipated in Grand Rapids.

Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture ParkThe Sculptures;

The Conservatory ; The Children’s Garden ; Butterfly Exhibit

Meijer Gardens Summer Concert Series 2010 – April 26, 2010 –

16 concerts held at the Outdoor Amphitheater.

Grand Haven – Aug 24, 2009  – Coast Guard City is a great destination for

tourists and Michigan day trippers, like ourselves.

Golf in West Michigan –

Roselle Park – Nov 6, 2009 – Natural Habitat Refuge on the Grand River

with an observation tower, viewing deck, canoe/kayak launch, miles of

walking trails.

Grand Rapids Golf – With over 900 courses in West Michigan, it could

take a few months to play them all.  A few local golf course articles &


Real Estate Information for Buyers & Sellers:

Which Mortgage Do I Choose? – Key questions to ask yourself and

lenders before you finalize your mortgage.

Buying Foreclosed Homes is NOT FUN! – May 6, 2008 –

A few buying tips on foreclosed properties. Be Aware. Be Prepared.

Use a Seasoned Buyer’s Agent.

Are you Looking for your Grand Rapids Dream Home? – May 13, 2008 –Lots

of internet searches for the perfect home are being done right now.

Sellers Beware! Avoid 11 Mistakes That Could Cost You Hundreds, even
Thousands of Dollars!

The difference between a profitable, seamless

transaction and a break even, miserable experience is often a fine line.

Top Ten Questions You Should Ask Before You List Your Home – Crucial

areas of expertise your Realtor should possess.

Homes in Greater Grand Rapids Area:

Grand Rapids Michigan Homes  Search

Ada Michigan  Homes Search

East Grand Rapids Michigan Homes  Search

Caledonia Michigan Homes Search

Cascade Michigan Homes  Search

Kentwood Michigan Homes  Search

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Grand Rapids – Condos for Sale

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Waterfront Homes for Sale

Would your kindergartener come home and ask for a bowl of cereal

in Mandarin Chinese?  If you live in the Forest Hills School System

in Grand Rapids Michigan, this isn’t as far fetched as it sounds.

The Meadowbrook Elementary School is home to the Forest Hills

Chinese Immersion Program.  This program is the first of its kind in

West Michigan.  The program just received a Federal Grant of $238,000

for the first year.  If all program objectives are met, it will receive

additional funds for the next 2 years.

fhps meadowbrook school entrance

Leaders in Forest Hills educational community decided to add Mandarin

Chinese Immersion to their bilingual offerings with the assistance

of Michigan State University’s Confucius Institute.  Currently 2

Chinese teachers are  on the school faculty to give students in

the program an early start in bilingual education.

The Forest Hills District is continuing to expand Mandarin language

courses at middle and high school levels.  With 55 percent of the

world’s population speculated to be from Asia in the year 2025 and

5 percent from North America, being fluent in Chinese will be a real

asset in the future business world.

Forest Hills also has a Spanish Immersion Program running at the

Ada Vista Elementary School.

Additional Forest Hills Schools Articles:

Forest Hills Schools Get Face-Lifts This Summer

Forest Hills Schools Update 2009

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Front doors are the first impression that visitors and passersby

get of your home.  We all make instant judgments about a home’s

interior when we see the front door, just like we do about a person

we first meet.  If you want to make a good first impression, you

should make sure your front door is attractive and welcoming.

autumn wreath on front door

I have a fascination with front doors.  I  drive by homes and

look at the front door or front entry.  I love to see a home with

a touch of personality or a piece of artwork displayed by the front


Cat face entrance decoration

GR doorway w trees

This front door reminds me of castle. I saw several doorways similar to

this in England inside the castle walls.

gr arched door w wreath

Door with well dressed scarecrows

Holidays and seasonal decorating are especially fruitful for my

voyeuristic entertainment.  I especially like the his and hers

well-dressed scarecrows guarding this front door.

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No one wants to get ill and end up in the hospital. But life happens.

We get sick, we get in accidents, we fall off ladders and break bones,

we have babies.  When this happens it is very comforting to know

you have an excellent  hospital in your local area that will be able to

care for you until you recover.


WestSide skyline GR2005

Here in Grand Rapids, Michigan we are very fortunate to have one of the

nation’s best hospitals to care for our citizens in need of health care.

 Spectrum Health has 7 Hospitals and more than 140 service sites.

Spectrum Health’s 14,000 employees, 1,500 medical staff members

and 2,000 volunteers are  a major part of our community and our economy,

providing $98.6 million in community benefit during its 2007 fiscal year.


Spectrum Health has earned more than 50 national awards during the

past 10 years. A recent study recognized Spectrum Health as one of

the best hospitals in the country for the sixth time in 10 years.

Spectrum Health was included on the list of Thomson Healthcare’s

100 Top Hospitals for 2007.

The winners were announced in the March 17, 2008 issue of

Modern Healthcare magazine.

The 100 Top Hospitals have higher survival rates, keep more patients complication-free, and have lower expenses-all while maintaining financial stability. Thomson Healthcare estimates that if all Medicare inpatients received the same level of care as those in the 100 Top Hospitals winners:

  • more than 120,000 additional patients would survive each year
  • nore than 138,000 patient complications would be avoided annually
  • expenses would decline by an aggregate $6.2 billion a year
  • the average patient stay would decrease by more than half a day

If you are planning on relocating to Grand Rapids Michigan, you can rest assured your medical needs will be in good hands.

Spectrum Health facts taken from Spectrum Health website – press releases

Grand Rapids Photos


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