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On a beautiful day in April, we went on a day road trip

to Grand Haven Michigan, which is about 30 miles from

Grand RapidsGrand Haven is on Lake Michigan, it has a

great beach.  If you won’t take my word for it,  it was

named one of the Top 5 Beaches in the United States by

Good Morning America-Travel Mom and has hosted the AVP

Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament throughout the summer

months,  due to the quality of its sand beaches.

It also has 2 lighthouses, connected by a lighted catwalk

which runs along the pier to the shore.  Grand Haven is a

Great Lakes port, home to a large charter fishing fleet, the

US Coast Guard Lake Michigan Group, which coordinates all

Lake Michigan Coast Guard activities.  In fact, Grand Haven

is officially nicknamed, Coast Guard City USA.

 Grand Haven State Park is also a popular destination for tourists,

because it is on fabulous Lake Michigan.  We are so fortunate to

live so close to a natural wonder, Lake Michigan, one of the

largest fresh water lakes in the world.  On a balmy day in

April, it is so serene.  The same scene in stormy November

or January can look totally different.  We get warnings on our

weather channels about wave heights and swimming in

dangerous rip tide conditions all summer.

But on a day trip to Grand Haven in April, all we have to

concern ourselves with was lunch.  Which we had on the channel

at the Snug Harbor Restaurant while we watched the boats

going up and down the channel out to the big lake.


Grand Haven has lots to offer, whether you come for a vacation,

the Annual US Coast Guard Festival, or just a day tripper, like us.


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We travel through Indiana frequently.  Our son lives in Indianapolis,

so we usually stop there, but on our trip to North Carolina, we

traversed the length of the state.  If you haven’t traveled through

Indiana before, I will tell you the code word…….FLAT.


 Indiana is a pretty flat state, which makes it perfect for growing

things.  There are lots of farms and fields of grain, soybeans, corn,

and other crops.  If you stop in a small town restaurant, you are

likely to see farmers and farmer’s families.  In the spring, they

still have the mud from the fields on their boots.  So, now that

you know where lots of your food comes from, you might like to

take a look at our photos. 

These are typical photos of Indiana countryside…… but no silos.

There were so many I couldn’t decide which ones to photograph!



We made a few stops.  Once at a rest stop to check email and water

our dog, Kitty.  You can see her right under the table where Terry

is reading his email.  The harvested wheat field was right behind

the rest stop area.  On the way home, we stopped for blueberries.

We get blueberries at this farm every year when we take or pick

up our grandson for his annual stay at Grandpa & Grandma Camp. 

We hope you enjoyed our little romp through Indiana from the



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Photos & Post by Bonnie Westbrook

No soybeans were harmed in taking these photos- the blueberries

weren’t so lucky.

When relatives live a long distance away, you get to know the places

to stop on the road.  The places that have the best meals, the best inns,

the places that have interesting shops and events.

On our long trips (12 hours of driving) to North Carolina from Michigan

to visit relatives, we have discovered Berea Kentucky. 

 Berea College has been in existence since 1855.  It is still the hub

of Berea activities and the base for its Artistic Roots.

Berea College offfers its students Bachelor of Science and Arts Degrees.

Berea College exists for the young people of Appalachia, so they can get

an education and make a living.  The hills of Kentucky don’t

have a lot of heavy industry, manufacturing plants, or flat farm country.

So instead of losing their young people to big cities for employment,

they are giving them an education.  Native Kentucky crafts, such as

hand made brooms and baskets are also marketed through the college

work programs.  In fact, HAND MADE is the theme in Berea.  There are

giant decorated Hands all over the area.


We stayed overnight at Berea, and had breakfast at the Boone Tavern Inn.

They just completed a $ 1+ million renovation of the hotel and restaurant.

It is a historic building (part of Berea College) and the renovation is

spectacular.  We took a long morning to look around the galleries & shops.

We visited  Berea College’s Log Craft House where they sell student’s

and artist’s hand made crafts from pottery to jewelry to furniture.  Then

we went out to the Kentucky Artisan Center  near I 75, exit 77. This is a

huge building with gigantic galleries of  sculptures, blown glassware,

paintings, jewelry, carvings, and numerous other craft items for sale.

A collection that takes  some time to look over. 

They also have a wonderful cafe and grill that serves great food

(actual food – not fast food) and clean, modern restrooms.

This building is a wonderful place to stop if you are traveling through on

Interstate 75, just as a rest stop. We like to stop and walk around to

get the kinks out after travelling for many hours. But I doubt you can

resist buying something here!  The selection and quality is overwhelming.

We hope you enjoy this montage of photos we took while we were

visiting friendly Berea Kentucky.



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video montage & photos  by Bonnie Westbrook

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