We have gathered a list of the Top Best Buys in Lowell Homes.

Please note that this list can change daily as some homes

sell, prices are adjusted and other homes come on the market.

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The total square footage is noted here, although only the

main floors are used to figure price per square foot.  We

are NOT Listing Short Sales, if stated.

Great opportunities to buy a Lowell Home at bargain prices.

The lowest price/Sq Ft range from $36.36 to $83.44

in Lowell Top Best Buy Homes this month.

        Oct  2009  24 TOP BEST BUY Lowell Homes

        Lowest list price is $29,900

        Highest list price is $278,500

The Top Lowell Homes to Buy by Price per Square Foot:

14129 Fulton St E        $ 29,900     660 Sq Ft   $45.30/SqFt

1012 E Main St            $54,900      1510 Sq Ft  $36.36/SqFt

319 N Monroe St         $ 59,900   1645 Sq Ft  $36.41/SqFt

803 Avery St               $64,900     1731 Sq Ft  $59.00/SqFt

2848 Whites Bridge   $ 99,900     1305 Sq Ft   $76.55/SqFt



821 Lincoln Lake       $107,900     1692 Sq Ft $63.77/SqFt

369 Donna Dr            $109,900   1536 Sq Ft   $71.55/SqFt

7849 Pratt Lake         $116,900    1568 Sq Ft  $74.55/SqFt

6531 Kodiak Dr          $119,813     1878 SqFt  $63.80 /SqFt

545 North St              $119,900    1906 Sq Ft  $62.91/SqFt


743 Grindle Dr           $119,900     1606 SqFt   $66.91/SqFt

10861 Settlewood Dr $119,900     1588 Sq Ft  $75.50/SqFt

2022 Conservation Trl $124,900   1788 Sq Ft  $69.85/SqFt

3802 Buttrick Ave      $124,900    2602 Sq Ft  $48.00/SqFt

10960 Deerwood Dr   $125,000    1498 Sq Ft  $83.44/SqFt


1700 Wales Rd           $125,900    1635 Sq Ft  $77.00/SqFt

2051 Conservation Trl $129,900   1600 Sq Ft  $81.19/SqFt

2550 Bewell Ave SE     $129,900   1904 Sq Ft  $68.22/SqFt

13445 Crestwood Dr   $129,900    1888 Sq Ft  $78.82/SqFt

6016 Bancroft Ave     $139,900    1912 Sq Ft   $73.17/SqFt


10380 36th St          $144,900     2288 Sq Ft   $63.33/SqFt

219 N Washington   $195,000     3106 Sq Ft    $62.78/SqFt

13217 52nd St SE     $200,000    2911 Sq Ft   $68.70/SqFt

130 Sagamore Trl     $278,500    4694 Sq Ft   $78.05/SqFt

There are still bargains to be had in Lowell, there are 5

homes priced under $100K and 2 new construction homes

for under $130K.

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*Some of these homes may be bank owned foreclosures and

not habitable as is or available for a mortgage in present condition.*

If you have questions about any of these homes, please

contact Terry: 1-616-292-7263

Or email : terry@terrywestbrook.com

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